Replacing a Lost License in Alabama

Lost or Stolen Driver's License?

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Replacing a Lost License in Alabama

A lost Alabama license or identification (ID) card means you can't legally drive and you've lost your main source of photo identification; a stolen license or ID means you're at serious risk for identity theft.

Fortunately, the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) has procedures for replacing a lost Alabama license or ID as quickly as possible, whether you're in state, out of state, or currently on military assignment.

Report Your Lost or Stolen AL Driver License, Permit, or ID

The AL DPS does not require you to report your stolen license to them or to law enforcement, and doing so will not waive your replacement fee.

However, reporting a lost or stolen license can help you prevent identity theft. Learn more about protecting your identity—including how it relates to DPS matters—at our Identity Theft section.

Replace Your Lost or Stolen AL License or ID

AL License Replacement Eligibility

You cannot replace an expired, suspended, revoked, or canceled Alabama driver's license. You must renew an expired license; you must meet reinstatement requirements for suspended, revoked, and canceled licenses.

Also, the DPS must have your current name and mailing address on file. If you need to update this information, visit our Address & Name Change section.

Apply In Person

You must replace your lost Alabama driver's license, permit, or ID card in person if:

  • You're currently physically present in the state.
  • You're a non-citizen or foreign national.

You may note that the DPS:

  • Doesn't require a replacement license application.
  • Doesn't require parental signature for minors.
  • Doesn't require you to retake the written, driving, or vision exams.
  • Does require you take a new photo.
  • Will allow you to renew instead of replace if you're within 180 days of your expiration date.

To apply, visit your Probate Judge or License Commissioner Office* with the following:

  • Proof of identity. The DPS provides a list of all acceptable documents, but a few common examples include:
    • U.S. Citizens and Non-Citizens:
      • 2 documents proving identification; 1 document must show a photograph. You must choose 1 primary form; the other can be from the secondary list.
      • OR
      • 3 documents showing non-photo identification, if you don't have forms with your photo. These can include:
        • Court record documents including marriage licenses or divorce decrees.
        • A school enrollment form (Form DL1/93).
        • A current medical insurance card.
    • Non-U.S. Citizens (Additional Secondary Proofs):
      • Valid Visa.
      • Valid employment authorization document (including a Social Security number).
      • Valid Form I-94 arrival/departure record issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Proof of Social Security number:
    • Your Social Security card.
    • A letter from the Social Security Administration.
    • Your military identification card or a copy of your U.S. Form DD-214.
  • Payment. Acceptable forms include a personal check or money order (at some locations**) and VISA and MasterCard credit or debit cards:
    • Replacement License: $31.25.
    • Replacement Permit: $31.25.
    • Replacement ID: $36.25.
    • Replacement CDL: $31.25.

You will receive a temporary license during your visit, and your duplicate license will arrive in the mail.

* The AL DPS provides a complete list of locations for Probate Judges and License Commissioner offices. Refer to our DPS Office Locations and choose the option for you location.

** Call ahead to the office you plan to visit and ask about the payment forms they accept.

*** See “Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in AL" below for more details about applying for a duplicate commercial driver's license.

Out-of-State or Overseas AL License Replacement

You must replace a lost Alabama license by mail while out of state.

Understand that the DPS doesn't make any promises; the state notes you may be eligible for out-of-state replacement if:

  • You're military personnel or a dependent (see “AL License Replacement for Military Members" below for additional requirements).
  • You're attending an out-of-state school.
  • You need to replace your CDL (see “Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in AL" below for additional requirements).
  • You've obtained an Alabama driver's license in the last 4 years that includes your picture and signature.

The DPS also might approve you if you're temporarily out of state for work or an extended vacation.

To apply for a replacement license by mail:

  • Download and print the Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State (DL-100).
  • Complete the entire form. Make sure not to skip over:
    • Your reason for being out of town.
    • Your current out-of-town address.
  • Include the following documents, as applicable:
    • A copy of your military identification card (with your photo) and current military orders (see “AL License Replacement for Military Members" below).
    • A copy of your student identification card (with your photo) and your current college enrollment.
    • A CDL Self-Certification Affidavit and your Medical Examiner's Certification or waiver, if you're replacing a CDL (see “Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in AL" below for details).
    • A letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your employment with the company, why you're out of town, and how long you'll be gone.
  • A money order ONLY for the applicable fee:
    • Replacement License: $31.25.
    • Replacement Permit: $31.25.
    • Replacement ID: $36.25.
    • Replacement CDL: $31.25.

You will receive your duplicate license in the mail; how long it takes to arrive depends on your location.

Overseas Applicants

The AL DPS recommends overseas applicants contact the Driver License Division at (334) 242-4400 for instructions specific to their situations.

AL License Replacement for Military Members

You will apply for a replacement military license the same way as other out-of-state drivers (by mail, using the same Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State (Form DL-100), but you must also provide a copy of:

  • Your military identification card (showing your photo).
  • Your current military orders.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in AL

Replace your lost or stolen commercial driver's license (CDL) in person if you're in the state, by mail if you're out of state.

Follow the same procedures listed above in the “Replace Your Lost or Stolen AL License or ID" and “Out-of-State or Overseas License Replacement" sections.

In addition to those requirements, you must also include:

Learn more about these CDL-specific documents at our Applying for a New CDL in AL section.


Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State - DL-100

Use this form to request a duplicate OR renewal Alabama driver's license from the Driver License Division if you're currently residing out-of-state. You can also use this form to register to vote if you're outside AL.

Enrollment/Exclusion - DL1/93

Submit to the Driver License Division as proof of enrollment OR lawful exclusion from enrollment in school when applying for your Alabama driver's license or learner's permit.

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