Organ Donation in Alabama

Organ Donation in Alabama

The Alabama Organ Center manages the Legacy Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, which involves all new and existing organ donor registrations.

Did you know there are more than 1,200 people in Alabama who are currently on the organ donation waiting list?

Being an organ donor can save lives, and does not affect the quality of care you receive should you be injured. The medical personnel are there to save your life. If you can't be saved, your organs, if you choose to donate, will be harvested by organ procurement personnel. For specific details about the organ donation process, you can read up on How Organ Donation Works and Organ Donation Myths.

Signing up as an organ donor today will give hope to thousands of people who are waiting to receive the gift of life at some point.

Register as an Alabama Organ Donor

In Alabama, you have a few quick and easy options for registering as an organ donor. You can:

  • Utilize, a national registry database that records your donor status in your state and in any other state you may move to.
  • Register online, by mail or in person at your local AL DPS office.

The decision to donate your organs is one only you can make. Be sure to discuss it with your family and friends. This will ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death, and prevent your family from having to make a tough decision for you.

NOTE: You will need to provide your Social Security number in order to register as an organ donor.


To register as an organ donor online, please visit the Alabama Life Legacy website. You can also register with the widget above to have your registration added to a central donor registry.

By Mail

You can also register by mail. Simply complete the organ donor registration form and mail it to the address on the form.

In Person

When applying for your Alabama driver's license, the AL DPS will ask you if you wish to become an organ donor.

Your reply will be placed on your permanent driver's license as a means of notifying emergency personnel of your decision.

Change/Update Your Organ Donor Status in AL

You can update your organ donor information online at the Alabama Life Legacy website.

How You Can Support Organ Donation

If you have already registered as an Alabama organ donor, and you would like to offer additional support to the cause, you can contribute by becoming a volunteer of Alabama Organ CenterSpread the word and encourage your friends and family to sign up as organ donors!

Facts You Need to Know

Here are some helpful facts you should know before you register as an organ donor:

  • Donating your organs does not cost you or your family any money.
  • Your body will not be disfigured by organ donation; an open-casket funeral is still an option.
  • Let your next-of-kin know of your decision. This person will have to sign organ donation authorization forms upon your death, so he/she needs to understand your wishes.

You can also share these details with your friends and family. For detailed information about organ donation, please visit our page about Organ Donation Facts. If you need additional help, visit the Alabama Organ Center online or call (800) 252-3677.

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