Lost Traffic Ticket in Alabama

Your AL traffic ticket includes information about your ticket fine, deadline, where to submit your plea or ticket payment, and whether you must appear in court. If you've lost your traffic ticket, you can search for this information by contacting your presiding court or by calling the Traffic Call Center.

You can search for your lost traffic ticket by contacting:

  • The presiding traffic court.
    • This is the court that handles traffic tickets in the county where you received your ticket.
  • The Alabama Traffic Call Center at (866) 954-9399.

When you contact your presiding court or the traffic call center, be prepared to provide some information specific to you such as your:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Driver's license number.
  • License plate number.
  • Date you received the ticket.

Lost Traffic Ticket Information

Because failing to handle your AL traffic ticket can bring additional penalties—including affecting your driving privileges—the information on the citation is crucial.

When you contact the traffic court or traffic call center to search for your lost traffic ticket, be sure to ask about:

  • Whether you're required to appear in court.
  • Specific traffic ticket information, such as the citation number.
    • You'll need this information to pay your ticket, especially if you're paying online using the state's online payment system.
  • Your payment deadline.
  • The court's or website's payment options and accepted payment methods.
    • For example, can you pay online, by mail, by phone, and/or in person?
    • Can you pay with cash, a personal check, a money order, and/or a major credit card?

Next Steps

After you find your lost traffic ticket, make sure you take action. You can either:

  • Pay your traffic ticket::
    • When you decide to pay your traffic ticket outright, basically you're admitting guilt and must face the consequences associated with your violation such as the traffic ticket fine, driving record points, and possibly even license suspension.
  • Fight your traffic ticket::
    • If you believe you're innocent and have enough compelling evidence to prove it, you can challenge your ticket in court. You might even hire a traffic ticket attorney for more serious cases.
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