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Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in Alabama

Although state residents don't have to show proof of motorcycle insurance when they register their bikes, state law does require them to have some kind of coverage to legally operate their motorcycles in the state.

Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility

Establishing financial responsibility isn't just the law; it's also crucial to making sure you're able to handle the costs of any damages you or your motorcycle might cause in an accident.

The best way to establish financial responsibility is buy having motorcycle insurance.

You can also establish financial responsibility when you purchase a traditional liability insurance policy, or when you obtain one of the following:

Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

The state requires residents to properly insure or establish financial responsibility for any street-legal two-wheeled vehicle.

    • Motorcycle―Alabama defines a motorcycle as any motor vehicle with a seat or saddle and no more than 3 wheels (excluding tractors).
    • Motor-driven cycle―Motor-driven cycles include motorcycles, motor scooters, and every bike with an attached motor:
      • With motors that produce no more than 5 HP and do not exceed 150 CC engine displacement.
      • That weigh less than 200 lbs..

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

You must purchase liability coverage or obtain a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond or Certificate of Cash Bond to legally operate your motorcycle or street-legal moped or scooter on state roads. If you choose to purchase motorcycle insurance, your policy must include:

    • $25,000 injury liability for one person
    • $50,000 for all injuries in one accident
    • $25,000 property damage in one accident

Motorcycle insurance carriers offer a variety of coverage types to fully protect you and your vehicle. Keep this in mind as you are getting motorcycle insurance quotes.

How Coverage Affects Helmet Requirements

Regardless of how much motorcycle insurance you have, the state requires you to always wear a helmet―whether you're operating the cycle or just along for the ride.

Proof of insurance and Financial Responsibility

You don't want anyone to catch you without proof of insurance or financial responsibility; the penalties are stiff. Fortunately, there are several ways you can provide proof of motorcycle insurance. If you:

    • Purchased traditional insurance from a carrier, you can show your valid insurance card or a copy of your:
      • Insurance policy
      • Declarations page
      • Premium receipt
      • Binder
      • Certificate of liability policy
    • Just purchased a new motorcycle, you can show a copy of the insurance information that applied to your replaced vehicle.
    • Are renting a vehicle, you can show a copy of the rental agreement.
    • Posted cash or a bond, you can show a copy of your:
      • Motor Vehicle Liability Bond
      • Certificate of Cash Bond

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

If law enforcement or the MVD catches you with no proof of motorcycle insurance or financial responsibility, you face registration suspension. The steps you’ll have to take to reinstate your registration depend on how many times you've failed to show proof of insurance.

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