Dealers Handbook in Alabama

Those interested in becoming a dealer should read the Alabama Dealer License manual, published by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

This thorough, detailed manual contains a wealth of helpful information and forms for prospective dealers, including:

  • A frequently-asked questions section addressing many common dealer issues
  • Legal definitions affecting dealers
  • Location requirements
  • Dealer application forms and instructions
  • Liability insurance requirements
  • Bond filing applications and instructions

Of course, dealer licensing can be a complex issue, so those who have any lingering questions should contact the Severance and License Section of the revenue agency by calling (334) 353-7827, or writing to:

Alabama Department of Revenue
Sales, Use, and Business Tax Division
Severance and License Section
P.O. Box 327550
Montgomery, AL 36132

Prospective dealers may also learn more about the licensing process by viewing information from the Business Licensing Division.

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