Dealer Forms in Alabama

Alabama requires a variety of forms to apply for car a dealership.

All applications must be completed electronically. To access the forms you need, create an account or log in to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Regulatory License Portal .

For instructions to complete the required forms, download the Dealer, Wholesaler, Rebuilder, Reconditioner Regulatory License Registration Instructions . This is issued by the Alabama Department of Revenue and details the application process for different regulatory licenses:

  • Retailer, for new and used car dealers
  • Wholesaler, if you plan to buy or sell at auto auctions
  • Rebuilder, if you plan to make vehicle repairs to the extent that the car may need a new vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Reconditioner, if you plan to refurbish or repair damaged vehicles for resale with the same VIN

Depending on your business, you may need one, two or any combination including all four. You may also need a surety bond:

  • Retail dealers must place a surety bond to obtain their licenses. You can get these bonds through your insurance agent. New car dealers, used car dealers, wholesalers, rebuilders, and reconditioners must put up a $50,000 bond. The required forms are part of the online application packet.

Besides the regulatory license, you will also need your privilege license (or business license). Applications for this are available at your county probate office.

The Alabama Department of Revenue offers motor vehicle forms for titles and registration.

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