DMV Appointments in Alabama

The American South is famous for its slower pace of life, but that doesn't mean a trip to get your driver's license with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) should take all day. Scheduling an appointment with the agency ahead of time will help you get in and out, and get back to taking time on the finer things in life.

Types of DPS/DOR Appointments

Currently, the ALEA only offers appointments for driver's license services. All other services require you to wait in line.

But don't dismay: thanks to the number of online services offered by the ALEA and other private companies in the state, you may be able to complete your task without leaving the house at all.

How to Schedule an AL Appointment

Alabama DPS offers an online appointment scheduling system to book your AL driver license transaction. You can also request an appointment with your preferred location by phone.

You can schedule your test up to 2 weeks in advance when using the online service. Calling your local DPS office directly is another great way to book your time with the state agency.

What to Bring to the DPS/DOR

Make sure you only need to use the appointment scheduler once by having everything you'll need for your appointment on hand when you visit the DMV. Check out our handy guides to help compile a checklist for what to bring when you:

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