Types of Special License Plates in Alaska

SUMMARY: Types of Alaska Special Issue License Plates

Several kinds of special issue license plates are available in Alaska. You can get a personalized license plate or a plate that supports a cause. If you're eligible, you can apply for military tags, and certain vehicles can have historic or classic car plates.

Keep reading for more information about special issue license plates available from the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


Alaska Personalized License Plates

Many types of Alaska license plates can be personalized, including the standard AK plate and several special plates.

You can check the availability of your desired license plate number on the AK DMV website.

When creating your license plate number, keep in mind that the AK DMV DOES NOT allow:

  • Vulgar, racist, or offensive messages.
  • Special symbols like &, %, and #.
  • Ham radio call signs.
  • Duplicates of current vanity plates.

The fee for personalization is $30 for most license plates,IN ADDITION to the standard registration fees.

NOTE: If you personalize a special plate, you'll be charged the license plate fee AND personalization fee, in addition to your registration fees.

For application information, see our AK Specialty Plate Applications page.

Special Issue License Plates

The Alaska DMV offers several special issue plates.

Some plates are simply alternative designs to the standard yellow license plate.

Other plates allow you to show your support for a particular cause or organization, including universities.

Visit our page, Applying for Special Issue Plates, for application details about the plates below.

Alternative Standard Plate Designs

The following alternative plate designs are available at the AK DMV:

  • Caribou license plate: $30.
  • Mountain plate: $30.

You will pay the standard registration renewal fees.

Special Cause & Organization Plates

Several special cause tags are available in Alaska. Some are linked to specific organizations, while others show support for the cause in general.

Fees for special cause and organization plates vary and are paid IN ADDITION to your registration fees.

The following cause and organization plates are available:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness plate:
  • Kids Trust license plate:
  • Choose Life plate:
  • In God We Trust license plate:
    • New plate: $30.
    • Renewal: $30.
  • NRA license plate:
    • New plate: $50.
    • Renewal: $30.
  • Pro-Family, Pro-Choice plate:
  • Support Our Troops plate:
    • New plate: $40.
    • Renewal: $40.

In most cases, the fees above help support the organization the license plate represents or a related organization. For example, fees for Commemorative Veteran plates go to programs for veterans.

Collegiate Plates in AK

The Alaska DMV issues collegiate license plates for the following institutions:

  • The University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • The University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • The University of Alaska Southeast.
  • Prince William Sound Community College.

Collegiate plates are $50 PLUS regular registration fees. You'll pay the standard renewal fee when you renew your tags.

Restricted Special Issue Plates

If eligible, you may also apply for the following restricted specialty license plates:

Military Plates in Alaska

The AK DMV offers the following military license plates:

  • General veteran's plates (for each branch of the military) for current members or veterans of each branch.
    • NOTE: The National Guard plate is available ONLY to active members.
  • A Purple Heart plate for recipients of the Purple Heart Award.
  • A Prisoner of War (POW) license plate for those with POW status.
  • The Lao Veteran plate for veterans of the conflict in Laos.
  • The Gold Star Family license plate for the immediate family members of a member of the military killed while serving.

You will need to provide proof of your eligibility for military license plates, such as:

  • Your military ID.
  • Your discharge papers (DD214).
  • Verification from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

For other acceptable forms of proof, see the AK DMV website.

See our Special AK Plates Application page for complete application instructions.

Fees for Military Plates

Most military plates are $30 PLUS your usual vehicle registration fees.

The following plates are issued free:

  • POW.
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Purple Heart.
  • Gold Star Family.

Historic & Collector AK Plates

The Alaska DMV issues the following license plates for vintage vehicles:

  • Historic vehicle plates.
  • Collector's car plates.

These plates are issued for passenger vehicles and trucks only. They CANNOT be issued for trailers or motorcycles.

Historic Vehicle Plates

Historic vehicle license plates are for vehicles that are:

  • At least 30 years old.
  • Driven ONLY for exhibition purposes.

The fee for a historic vehicle plate is $10. It DOES NOT have to be renewed.

Collector's Car Plates

Collector's car plates are for vehicles that:

  • Were made before OR are replicas of vehicles made before 1949.
  • Meet current road safety and equipment requirements, including:
    • Hydraulic brakes.
    • Seat belts for the driver and all passengers.
    • Headlights that are sealed beams or halogens.

For a complete list of required equipment, see the Alaska DMV website.

The fee for a collector's car plate is $50 PLUS the regular registration fee.

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