Replacing a Lost Registration in Alaska

Alaska law requires you to keep your vehicle registration with you while driving and 1 tab attached to the rear license plate of all vehicles—so if you lose or damage either item, you need to replace it as quickly as possible to avoid a ticket.

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles has a simple process for getting a duplicate, whether or not you can access a DMV office.

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Replace a Lost Registration or Tab in Alaska

If you lose or damage your vehicle registration card or decal and you have access to a DMV location, you must apply for a replacement in person. If you live in a remote area and cannot get to a DMV, jump down to Remote Area Replacement Options below.

Visit your local DMV office and provide:

    • Your registration, if you have it (applicable if you’re applying for a new decal).
    • A completed Vehicle Transfer Application (Form V1).
    • Your vehicle’s:
      • License plate number.
      • Vehicle identification number (VIN)*.
      • Make and model.
  • Payment for the appropriate fee:
    • Duplicate registration: $2.
    • Duplicate tag/sticker: $5 (includes a copy of your registration).

You should receive your new registration receipt on the spot. If you have further questions, give your local DMV office a call.

*NOTE: If you need help finding your VIN, look on your vehicle’s:

  • Title.
  • Dashboard, against the driver’s side of the windshield.
  • Driver’s-side door jamb.

Remote Area Replacement Options

Can’t access a nearby DMV office? The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles provides options for people who live out of state or in a remote area in Alaska and need a duplicate registration card, tag, or license plate.

You can apply either:

  • Online.
  • By mail.

Choose your preferred option below for details.

AK Duplicate Registration Fees

The costs for replacing your lost, damaged, or stolen Alaska vehicle registration items are:

  • Duplicate registration: $2.
  • Registration decal: $5.
    • This Includes a copy of your registration receipt.

Reasons for Requesting a Replacement

Some common reasons for requesting replacement registration documents, registration tabs, and license plates include the items being:

  • Lost or stolen, in which case you should file a police report.
  • Incorrect. (You'll likely need to indicate the correction that is required.)
  • Damaged or mutilated. (You may need to submit the damaged registration item to the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before you can get a replacement.)
  • Never received. (If you never received your new plates, tabs, or registration papers in the mail, you may need to request replacements).

If you have any questions, please Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.


Application for Title and Registration
Complete this form when you are applying for a transfer of ownership, registration, title, OR replacement title with the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.
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