Replacing a Lost License in Alaska

Replacing a Lost Alaska Driver's License

If your Alaska driver's license is lost or stolen, or if it is so damaged that its vital information is illegible, you will need to request a replacement from the AK Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as soon as possible.

Continue reading for detailed information about the application process, including steps to take and documents you'll need. If you're just looking to update the information on your license, read our pages about Changing Your Name and Changing Your Address.

NOTE: If you need to obtain a duplicate copy of your CDL, see our Replacing a Lost CDL in Alaska page.

Apply for a Duplicate License in Alaska

REAL IDs & Replacements

If you plan to upgrade to an AK REAL ID upon replacement, you'll need to do so in person and follow the steps for a first-time REAL ID application. Jump over to our license guide for help.

In order to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged Alaska driver's license, you must go in person to your local DMV office in order to apply for a duplicate. The fee for a replacement driver's license is $15. Or you can request a printable copy of your lost license online.

You'll need to submit a completed Application for Alaska Driver License, Permit or Identification Card (Form D1). You will also need to bring:

  • 1 document to prove your identity, such as a:
    • Birth certificate.
    • U.S. passport.
  • 1 document to support your proof of ID, such as:
    • A health insurance card.
    • An employee ID.
  • Cash, check, or money order for the $15 duplicate license fee.

You can view a complete list of accepted documents at the AK DMV website.

You may also need to be prepared to handle all the following tasks while replacing your AK driver's license:

  • Pass the vision test.
  • Have a new photograph taken.

The expiration date on your replacement license will remain the same as your original Alaska driver's license.

Obtaining a Temporary License While Out of State

If you lose your Alaska driver's license while out of state, you can receive a temporary license. This way you can legally drive until you return to Alaska and obtain a new driver's license. The fee for a temporary license is $5.

To apply go to the online request form and follow the instructions.

Your temporary license will be valid for 1 year from the date your current driver's license expires. Once you get back to Alaska, you will need to visit a local DMV office to reapply for a permanent driver's license.

Reporting a Missing Alaska Driver's License

You are not legally required to report your lost or stolen driver's license to the police in Alaska. However, a lost license can easily end up in the wrong hands.

If you are concerned about possible identity theft or if other items were stolen along with your license, you should report the theft to the police. A police report will help if you ever need to dispute fraudulent activity being done in your name.

The Alaska Consumer Protection Unit website provides more information about preventing and reporting identity theft.


Application for Alaska Driver License Permit or Identification Card
Request a driver's license, identification card, or driver's permit from the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. MUST be signed at the DMV.
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