Replacing a Lost CDL in Alaska

CDL drivers located in-state must apply for a replacement commercial driver's license in person with their local Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office; drivers located out-of-state can apply for temporary CDLs by mail or online.

Remember, it's illegal to operate your commercial truck without your CDL. For identification protection purposes, consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state law enforcement agencies.

For further details, see below.

In-State Replacement CDL in AK

If you're currently in Alaska, you must apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license with your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

You will complete the Application for Alaska Driver License, Permit, or Identification Card (Form D1) and:

NOTE: You can renew your CDL 1 year before the expiration date. Refer to Renewing Your CDL in Alaska for more details.

AK Out-of-State Temporary CDL

If you're currently outside Alaska, you can request a duplicate CDL online. The process will provide you with a temporary CDL that is valid for 30 days; also, it can't extend beyond 30 days of expiration.

Once you return to Alaska, you must visit your local DMV office and apply for a replacement commercial driver license.


If you have access to the internet and email, you can request a temporary CDL online.

Be prepared to:

  • Aside from your name, be prepared to provide identifying information such as your date of birth, driver's license number, and Social Security number.
  • Pay the $5 with a major credit card, unless otherwise instructed.

Once you complete the process, you'll receive further information about the delivery of your temporary commercial driver's license.


Application for Alaska Driver License Permit or Identification Card
Request a driver's license, identification card, or driver's permit from the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. MUST be signed at the DMV.
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