Registration Renewal in Alaska

Before your Alaska vehicle registration expires, you must renew it with the AK Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

On this page, you'll find information about renewing your vehicle registration online, by mail, and in person.

If you've already renewed your registration, you can contact the AK DMV to check the status of your renewal.

Alaska Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

About 2 months before your registration renewal month, the Alaska DMV will mail you a renewal notice, which is also known as a registration pre-bill or mail-out. Registrations are renewed every 2 years.

It will include your vehicle information and registration fees.

NOTE: If you did not receive a registration renewal notice, you can still renew your registration by the methods outlined in the Renew Your AK Vehicle Registration section below.

Expired Alaska Vehicle Registration

If your vehicle's registration has been expired for under 1 year, you can still renew. Your fee will be the same that you pay for the full 2 years, and your registration will be backdated to the month that it expired.

If your registration has been expired for over 1 year, you'll have to apply for a new vehicle registration.

Renew Your AK Vehicle Registration

You can renew your Alaska DMV vehicle registration online, by mail, or in person.

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Online Renewal

To renew your AK vehicle registration online, visit the Alaska DMV website and:

  • Make sure your current address is on file with the AK DMV.
  • Enter your registration renewal number OR license plate number and the last 2 digits of your VIN.
  • Pay your vehicle registration renewal fees and motor vehicle registration tax, if applicable. (See “Fees for Alaska Registration Renewal" below.)

Your new registration documents and license plate stickers will be mailed to you within 3 months.

NOTE: If you don't receive your registration documents and stickers within 3 months, e-mail the following information to the Alaska DMV at

  • Your license plate number, VIN, or registration renewal number.
  • Your name.
  • Your mailing and permanent address.

By Mail or In Person

You must complete and mail your registration renewal documents on or before the 5th day of your registration renewal month if you want to renew by mail.

To renew your vehicle registration by mail or in person, you will need:

  • Your vehicle registration renewal notice.
  • A copy of your current Alaska registration.
  • Either a:
  • Payment. (See "Fees for Alaska Registration Renewal" below.)

Take the above in person to your local Alaska DMV office or mail it to:

State of Alaska
Division of Motor Vehicles
4001 Ingra Street, Suite 101
Anchorage, AK 99503

NOTE: You will be charged an additional $10 fee to renew in person.

Military and Out-of-State AK Residents

If you are an active-duty military member, college student, or an Alaska resident temporarily out of state, you can still renew your registration online or by mail.

See “ Renew Your AK Vehicle Registration" above.

If you are renewing by mail, you must provide both your current out-of-state mailing and permanent AK address. If you are out of state on vacation, you must also include a self-addressed envelope or letter with the address where you'd like your registration documents and license plate stickers mailed to.

NOTE: While you don't need an emissions test to renew your vehicle registration in Alaska, you should check with the state you're in and make sure you comply with their emissions requirements.

Fees for Alaska Registration Renewal

Alaska vehicle registration renewal fees depend on the type of vehicle you own.

NOTE: You are eligible for a registration fee and MVRT exemption for 1 of your vehicles if you are:

  • 65 years old or older.
  • Have a disability.

Residents who meet the criteria above will also receive permanent vehicle registration license plate stickers/tabs.

Non-Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

  • Commercial vehicle and tour buses registration fees vary by weight and type of vehicle: see online registration calculator.
  • One-time fee for trailers: $20.

Motor Vehicle Registration Tax

If you live in one of the following areas, you'll need to pay a motor vehicle registration tax in addition to your renewal fees:

  • Anchorage.
  • Bethel.
  • Bristol Bay Borough.
  • Cordova.
  • Dillingham.
  • Juneau.
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough.
  • Ketchikan Gateway Borough.
  • Kodiak Island Borough.
  • Matanuska-Susitna Borough.
  • Nenana.
  • Nome.
  • Petersburg.
  • Sitka.
  • Unalaska.
  • Whittier.

Please see the Alaska DMV website for a complete list of motor vehicle registration taxes in your area.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Online: VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit cards only.
  • By mail: Checks and money orders.
  • In person: Check with your local Alaska DMV office for accepted payment methods.

NOTE: If you are paying by check, your name and address must be printed on it.

Alaska Registration Renewal: FAQs

What do I need to register my car in Alaska?

To register your car in Alaska, you need your registration renewal number or license plate number and payment for your renewal. If you're renewing by mail, you must also send in a copy of your last registration, a Vehicle Transaction Application (Form V1), and a self-addressed envelope to receive your new tags and registration.

How long does it take to get DMV tags?

It takes around 14 days to get your DMV tags in Alaska if you renew online, and up to 3 months if you renew by mail.

Where can I renew my tabs in Alaska?

You can renew your tabs in Alaska online, by mail, or in person at a nearby DMV office.

How much is registration tag renewal in Alaska?

Registration renewal in Alaska costs $100 for passenger vehicles and trucks and $60 for motorcycles. If you renew in person, there is also a $10 walk-in fee.

Can I renew my Alaska registration online?

Yes, you can renew your Alaska vehicle tags online. Your renewal notice will state whether you are eligible for online renewal. Your address must be up to date with the DMV as well.


Application for Title and Registration
Complete this form when you are applying for a transfer of ownership, registration, title, OR replacement title with the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.
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