Online Services in Alaska

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, time might seem to stand still―especially when waiting in line to take care of driver- or vehicle-related business. Fortunately, you can complete numerous tasks from your home computer.

Vehicle Online Services in Alaska

Thanks to modern technology, you can now complete a number of vehicle-related tasks online. You'll either be able to go directly through the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or through a third-party company for all your vehicle-related needs.

AK DMV Online Vehicle Services

You can complete the following tasks directly through Alaska's DMV, using their online services:

  • Registration renewal.
  • Updating registration information.
  • Reporting the sale or transfer of your vehicle.
  • Ordering vanity license plates.

Third-Party Vehicle Services

A trusted third-party vendor might be your best option for online services:

  • Selecting auto insurance.
    • A private company can help you compare the prices and coverage of your different auto insurance options.
  • Choosing motorcycle insurance.
    • You love your bike, which is why a private company's priority will be to help you select the right insurance provider.
  • Vehicle history report (VHR).
  • Extended vehicle warranty.
    • When your car's original warranty expires, consider purchasing an extended warranty through a third party vendor for added peace of mind.

AK Records & License Services

If you need to make requests regarding Alaska public records or licenses, you can do so at your own convenience. Both the AK Division of Motor Vehicles and private companies offer online services to fulfill your record and license-related needs.

Alaska DMV Services

The Alaska DMV offers online assistance with the following:

  • Ordering driving records.
  • Driver's license and ID card renewals.
  • Track the status of your license or ID card.
  • Address changes on your driver's license or ID card.

License & Record Services through Private Vendors

You can also make AK license and record requests through private vendors, for online services on:

  • Name changes.
    • A private company can ensure your name is officially changed across multiple agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Postal Service, and Social Security Administration.
  • Background checks.
    • Thanks to third-party vendors, background checks have never been quicker or easier.
  • Court records.
    • To avoid dealing with a lengthy and bureaucratic process, we recommend using a private company to obtain court records.
  • Vital records.
    • When you need any kind of vital record (birth, death, marriage, divorce) in a pinch, consider using a third party vendor.
  • International Driver's Permit (IDP).
    • A private company will get you your IDP much faster than the DMV, ensuring you're well equipped to drive abroad.
  • Expedited passport.
    • If you're planning a last minute international trip, you can use a third party company to expedite your passport.

Alaska Online Driver's Ed Services

Now that many Driver's Ed services are offered online, you can prepare for your license test or take points off your record from the comfort of your own home.

The Alaska DMV has a practice knowledge test online for those of you wanting to check your mastery of the driver handbook material.

Private companies offer a variety of online driver education courses and study guides, including:

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles doesn't provide legal and traffic ticket-related services online, though some third party companies do. Consider using a trusted private vendor if you're in a legal bind and need help with the following:

  • Hiring a DUI lawyer.
    • Dealing with a DUI charge is already stressful enough, so make your life easier by using a private company.
  • Hiring a traffic ticket attorney.
    • Before fighting a traffic ticket, use a trusted third-party vendor to find a competent lawyer to represent you.
  • Identity theft prevention.
    • The best way to combat identity theft is to prevent it! Make sure you choose a qualified private company to do the job.

Miscellaneous Online Services in AK

If you did not find what you were looking for above, don't worry! The Alaska DMV also provides these additional online services to help you with:

  • Scheduling road tests.
  • Registering to vote.
  • Locating DMV offices.
  • Checking branch wait times.
  • Signing up for e-mail registration renewal notifications.
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