Drivers in the Military in Alaska

Are you a member of the military from another state, currently stationed in Alaska? Perhaps you're an Alaska resident in the military, returning after having been away for some time. Or, perhaps you're in the military, and are an Alaska resident in the process of transferring to another state.

Whichever the case, you're probably wondering about what you'll need to do about you and your family members' driver's licenses, vehicle registrations and other motor vehicle concerns. If so, then you're in the right place. We have just the information and links you'll need to keep everything in good order with the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (AK DMV).

Military from Another State

If you are a member of the military and will be stationed in Alaska, first let us say welcome! We hope that you will enjoy your time here.

If you do not plan to make Alaska your home after your tour of duty here is completed, you are not required to change your license or vehicle registrations. Here's more detail on what you will need to do:

Non-resident Driver's Licenses

If you have an active and current license from your home state, you will not be required to transfer it to an Alaska driver's license.

If your home state offers an extension on driver's licenses for members of the military, do inquire as to whether you must file any forms or paperwork before you depart the state.

Non-resident Military Dependents

If your non-resident military dependents wish to operate motor vehicles in Alaska, they will need to surrender their home state licenses and apply for Alaska driver's licenses.

Non-resident Motor Vehicle Registrations

The rules are essentially the same for out-of-state military personnel, and their families, regarding motor vehicle registrations. As long as the vehicles are currently registered in your home state, you are not required to re-register them in Alaska.

If your home state offers an extension on motor vehicle registrations while you are out of state, be sure to inquire as to whether you will need to file any paperwork with them or carry an extension form with your registration card.

Be advised: If you do choose to register your vehicle in Alaska, you must submit a completed military affidavit (Form 828) with your registration request, so that the motor vehicle registration tax on your vehicle may be waived. You will need a separate affidavit for each vehicle you register.

When your renewal is due, as long as you are still stationed on active duty in Alaska but remain a resident of your home state, you will need to submit one of the following forms with your registration renewal notice in order to have the tax waived:

  • A LES not more than 90 days old showing your home of record to be a state other than Alaska.
  • A completed and signed military affidavit (Form 828).

Alaska Residents in the Military

If you are stationed out of state, and your license will expire while you are gone, you are not required to renew it until you return to Alaska. Your driver license will remain valid until:

  • 90 days after you have returned to Alaska or
  • 90 days after your date of discharge from the military, whether you have returned to Alaska or not.

If you are more comfortable with something in writing to attach to your Alaska driver's license, you may e-mail the AK DMV at and request a Military Expiration Endorsement.

Military Dependent Licenses

The spouse of an active duty military member also has the option to apply for a Military Expiration Endorsement. The spouse's license also remains valid for 90 days after the service member is discharged or 90 days after the service member returns to the state of Alaska. Dependents, other than a spouse, are not eligible for a Military Expiration Endorsement.

After You Are Discharged

If you are discharged but, for whatever reason, will remain outside of Alaska for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a new driver's license upon your return.

If you are discharged from the military and do not plan to return to Alaska, you will need to go to a Motor Vehicle office in the state where you will be living to surrender your Alaska driver's license, and apply for one in your new state.

Commercial Drivers in the Military

If you are in the military and hold a commercial driver license, you are required to renew that license every 8 years, regardless of where you are stationed. Contact the AK DMV by e-mail at to determine what you must do in order to extend or renew a commercial driver license from out of state.

Alaska Resident Vehicle Registrations

If you are a member of the military and are currently on active duty in Alaska, you are required to renew any motor vehicles as they become due.

Keep in Touch

Be sure to keep the DMV notified of your current address so that they may get in touch with you if necessary.


Military Affidavit
Use this form when applying for a vehicle registration exemption in Alaska because you're only in the state for military purposes and are not an AK resident. MUST be signed by your commanding officer.
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