Lost Traffic Ticket in Alaska

If you've lost your Alaska traffic ticket, you'll need to obtain the citation number, ticket fine information, and deadlines.

You might be able to search for your lost traffic ticket online by name or ticket number. Otherwise, contact the appropriate AK county court for details.

You can search for your lost traffic ticket information online or by contacting the presiding court.

Find Traffic Tickets Online

You might be able to find your AK traffic ticket information online using:

  • The Alaska E-Pay System.
    • The E-Pay System is the state's online ticket payment service; however, currently you can search for your citation by your first and last names.
    • The E-Pay system is available only for county-level traffic tickets.
  • The city's website (if available).
    • Some cities allow online payments, and some of these online payment systems allow you to search for your citation using information such as your first and last names, driver's license number, and vehicle information.

NOTE: If you don't find your ticket using either of these methods, it could mean you're required to appear in court.

Contact the Traffic Court

As mentioned above:

  • You can contact the county court handling your traffic ticket.
    • Again, this might be a hit-or-miss process if you don't remember the county. Try to remember the area you were in when you received the ticket, and go from there.
  • You can contact the city court handling your traffic ticket.
    • If no county court can find your citation, it might mean a city court is handling it.
    • Often, city courts have their own websites, so you might ask the county court for website and other contact information.

When you contact the court(s), be prepared to provide information such as your:

  • First and last names.
  • Physical and/or mailing address.
  • Driver's license number.
  • License plate number.
  • Date you received the ticket.

Information on Your Lost Traffic Ticket

You have a certain amount of time to respond to your AK traffic ticket—whether this means paying your fine, contesting the ticket, or appearing in court. Failing to respond on time brings additional penalties.

Make sure you ask the court about:

  • Any court appearance requirement and date to appear.
  • AK traffic ticket details, including the:
    • Exact violation(s).
    • Citation number.
  • You ticket fine amount and any related court costs and/or surcharges.
    • You especially need this information if you choose to plead “guilty" and pay the traffic ticket fine outright.
  • The ticket fine deadline.
  • Acceptable payment options and payment methods.
    • This depends on where you received the ticket and the nature of your violation.
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