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Paperwork Required to Sell Your Car in Alaska

Have a car to sell in Alaska? We'll give you the lowdown on what the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires in order for you to successfully transfer your vehicle.

Selling a Vehicle in Alaska

Before we address the actual process of turning a title over to a new owner, it might be a good idea to review our companion guide on the basics of selling a used car, from setting a fair price to successfully interacting with prospective buyers. Take a look!

If a buyer's interested in your car, then it's simply a matter of signing off on the title certificate (see “ Required Documents" below), notifying the Division of Motor Vehicles, and removing the license plates to complete the sale.

Required Documents in Alaska

When you're selling a car in Alaska, you'll need to fill in the following information on the car title:

  • Your signature and the signature of any other registered owners if their names are separated by “and" on the title. (If owner names are separated by “or," just one owner needs to sign the title.)
  • The vehicle's current mileage (odometer disclosure statement) for vehicles under 10 years old.
    • For vehicles that are 10 years old or older, an odometer disclosure is not required.

You'll also want to notify the Alaska DMV of the sale. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Submit a completed "Notice of Vehicle Sale for Transfer," which is attached to the car title to the AK DMV in person.
  • Send a completed Notice of Transfer Pending (Form 820) to:
      State of Alaska
      Division of Motor Vehicles
      P.O. Box 229
      Haines, AK 99827
  • Notify the DMV online.

    You and the buyer might also consider completing a bill of sale to summarize the transaction.

    Duplicate Alaska Title Certificate

    In the event that your original title has been misplaced, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, you'll need to obtain a duplicate title in order to sell your car in Alaska.

    To do so, you can fill out the Affidavit of Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Title (Form 809). This document is available for download online or in hard-copy form at an Alaska DMV office; you can also request a copy be sent to you by mail.

    If there's a lien on the title, the application should include a lien release from the lienholder.

    You will also need to pay the $15 fee for a duplicate title.

    For more information, see our Replacing a Lost Title in Alaska page.

    Duplicate Registration in Alaska

    If you're missing your vehicle registration, or if it's been damaged or destroyed, you can request a duplicate version from the AK DMV. Do so by filling out the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 821), on which you can specify the reason for your request. You'll include a copy of your previous registration if you have it along with payment for the $2 application fee.

    For more information, visit our Replacing a Lost Registration in Alaska page.

    AK Vehicle History Reports

    When you sell your vehicle in Alaska, prospective buyers may well be appraising it using a vehicle history report, which can provide details on your car's past involvement in accidents, theft, and other situations. To learn more about how used-car shoppers use vehicle history reports, or to order your own, visit our Vehicle History Reports page.

    Transferring License Plates After a Sale

    You can remove any personalized or specialty license plates when you sell your car and transfer these to another vehicle registered in your name. Find out more on the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles website.

    Forms for Easy Download

    Notice of Transfer Pending (Form 820)

    Affidavit of Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Title (Form 809)

    Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 821)

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