Dealer Licensing in Alaska

You must request an application packet for registration as a buyer's agent and/or car dealership with the Dealer/Fleet Unit of the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which will require specific information from you as well as proofs of required bonds and insurance and your registration fee.

AK Motor Vehicle Dealer Definition

Alaska defines a “motor vehicle dealer" in Alaska as:

  • A buyer's agent, who negotiates a motor vehicle purchase for the buyer from the dealer.
    • A buyer's agent CANNOT act as a dual agent, meaning he or she cannot act as agent for both the buyer and the dealer.
  • Someone who sells or arranges for the sale of, leases, and/or solicits 5 vehicles or more in 12 months.
    • This is regardless of who owns the vehicle but DOES NOT include manufacturers.

Apply for an AK Car Dealer License

Request a car dealer application packet by mail or by phone. Make sure to provide the name and address where you want your packet sent.

Mail your request to:

  • State of Alaska
  • Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Attn: Dealer/Fleet Unit
  • 3901 Old Seward Highway,. Ste. 101
  • Anchorage, AK 99503

Alternatively, you can call the AK DMV Dealer/Fleet Unit at (907) 269-3752.

Once you've received your packet, send the following to the AK:

  • Your completed application form.
  • Your original, notarized surety bond for $100,000.
    • The surety bond is only $25,000 if you're selling ONLY motorcycles.
    • Boat dealers do not need to purchase surety bonds.
  • Proof of liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage.
  • The $50 registration fee.

Get Your Business License

In addition to your buyer's agent license, the city, county, or state might require you to obtain a business license to operate your car dealership.

Alaska provides a comprehensive handbook for starting your business, which includes information on when and how to apply for your business license. Also, you can contact Alaska's Division of Investments for assistance.

AK Dealer Requirements & Responsibilities

Once your registration is approved, you have certain responsibilities as an Alaska dealer—including, but not limited to:

  • Displaying your registration certificate at your business location.
    • You can display this certificate ONLY at the name and address/location you filed with the Dealer/Fleet Unit.
  • Notifying the Dealer/Fleet Unit if your business or location changes and provide information about the bond showing the changes.
  • Returning your registration certificate, dealer plates, and temporary permits to the Dealer/Fleet Unit if you stop doing business during your registration period, regardless of whether it's entirely or in part.

The DMV Dealer/Fleet Office will provide you with all requirements and responsibilities; for further information, refer to the Alaska Statutes.

Renewing Your AK Car Dealer License

Your Alaska car dealer license registration period is 2 years.

As a courtesy, the Dealer/Fleet Office will send you information about how to renew; however, this is a courtesy and you shouldn't rely on its arrival to renew your registration. You must renew every 2 years. 

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