Motorcycle License in Wyoming

Like many states containing large swaths of mountainous topography carved with a latticework of winding roads, Wyoming is exceptionally popular with the leather-clad motorcycle clans. The belief is that two wheels are much better than four to glimpse the postcard perfect sites of Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, the jagged Tetons, or simply roam the lonely desert roads of the southwestern plateau country.

The motorcycle has long been an icon of rugged freedom, of high velocity, and just a bit of rebellion for good measure. That hardy symbolism fits comfortably into Wyoming's frontier spirit and remnant cowboy culture. But, if you are looking to hop on the saddle of the two-wheeled revolution there are a few things you will need to take care of first.

License Requirements

  • Supply acceptable forms of identification.
  • Achieve a passing grade on the written exam.
  • Pass the on-bike skills test.
  • Pay a $3 fee for the "M" class endorsement.

Learning to Ride

Aside from studying the Motorcycle Operator Manual, you're going to need some education. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation designed two courses that many states, including Wyoming, have incorporated into the training regimen for licensing prospective riders. In Wyoming, you will find these labeled as the Basic Rider course and the Experienced Rider course.

Basic Rider Education Course

The Basic Rider Education course is the perfect training curriculum for those that have watched way too many rounds of Easy Rider or Top Gun but are absolutely greenhorns when it comes actually riding a motorcycle. These sessions usually run throughout a weekend and consist of classroom and on-bike preparation.

Once you complete the program you are exempt from state testing. The chief benefit is that the motorcycles are provided, so you can learn before you buy. Of course, you will need to meet a few qualifications:

WYDOT provides a list of available classes.

Experienced Rider Education Course

Step two on the climb to becoming a skilled rider, the Experienced Rider course is intended for those with more experience operating a motorcycle. More advanced does not translate into professional. Experienced means you have a solid understanding of the mechanics of the machine (like how to shift those gears) and possess intermediate or better handling skills. It is the perfect upgrade for those who have completed the Basic Rider course, although it is not a prerequisite.

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