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    Accessing Wyoming's Handbooks and Manuals

    Aspiring drivers and behind-the-wheel veterans will find the manuals published by the Wyoming Department of Transportation's (WYDOT) Driver Services Program to be invaluable learning tools.

    Even better is how easily accessible they are―all you need is the free Adobe Reader to view and print them from any computer.

    Vehicle Operator Manual

    The Vehicle Operator Manual, which is available in two parts and is thoroughly discussed in our Driver Handbook section, guides applicants of all ages to a first license, and offers helpful safety tips in concise, easy-to-understand language.

    Seasoned drivers might find a quick read through the book worthwhile to continue the climb to the apex of road knowledge, or it always comes in handy to settle bets on the meaning of certain pavement or sign markings.

    Other experienced drivers will find the reference aids offered to be necessary reading material for upgrading a license class. This is especially true for those wanting to operate heavy equipment or OTR trucks on a path to gaining much sought after employment as a commercial driver.

    Commercial and Heavy Vehicle

    The Commercial and Heavy Vehicle handbook, also thoroughly outlined in our Driver Handbook section, is a fountain of information on the rigorous testing process, the pertinent procedures and the variety of endorsements offered.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual

    Few things equate freedom on the road like a motorcycle. But that independence also creates inherent risks, and requires additional responsibilities not necessarily applicable in a passenger vehicle. After all, you are on the open road, exposed, and speeding along at high speeds on only two wheels.

    To have a class M motorcycle license requires a bit of extra training and knowledge. Next to actual on-course or on-road practice, the WYDOT Motorcycle Operator Manual is the next best thing to being in the saddle.

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