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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Wyoming

    WY Custom Built Car Registration

    Custom car aficionados have a history and subculture that dates back to the glory days of the roadster in the late 1940s and the 1950s. The image of the modified hot rod convertible cruising down the strip, bedecked in flames and shiny chrome, is just about as indelibly representative of American society as the Beach Boys and, well, apple pie. After all, can you imagine the Chevy that went to the dry levee as anything but a custom car built for speed?

    Although one might expect to see this type of vehicle gracing the streets of Los Angeles and Las Vegas rather than, say, Casper or Cody, the craze is growing again in mainstream popularity. This is mostly due to a plethora of popular reality shows spanning the airwaves.

    It is no longer important just to have a multimedia center and a concert hall pounding away in the car for the entire town to hear. The flames are coming back with the hydraulics, and the hipsters are taking modification to even new heights. So you just might see the modern version of a hot road coasting down the streets of Cheyenne during Frontier Days.

    Of course, if it is on the road, whether modified or built from scratch, it will still need to be registered like all other vehicles in the state. If the vehicle still has its original, manufacturer-issued vehicle identification number (VIN), then the registration process is the same as any other vehicle.

    If the vehicle is so modified that it is now an amalgamation of parts from multiple models, the route to registration will entail a few detours. Especially if the component with the original VIN has been replaced or changed in any way.

    Ultimately, before the vehicle can be registered it will need to be labeled with a new VIN from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). These numbers are only doled out to Wyoming residents. If you meet this basic requirement, then you must take a few more measures before heading into the county treasurer's office for license plates.

    1. First you will need to have a VIN inspection from an authorized law enforcement officer (i.e., town police officer, highway patrolman, sheriff). In the case of custom cars, you will be having the officer complete a form affirming the absence of a VIN.
    2. When it is established that the vehicle does not have a VIN, you will need to complete an Application for the Assignment of a Special Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (MV-401).
    3. Provide proof of vehicle ownership, which can entail a bill of sale or multiple receipts for all the parts used.
    4. Provide any original titles that were or are attached to the vehicle.
    5. Pay the application processing fee and mail all of the information to the address on the form.

    Once you are assigned a VIN, you can begin the standard registration process.

    Note: If you apply for a VIN for a homemade trailer, you will need to provide the department with all of the above information and also supply the weight of the vehicle.

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