Commercial Driver Education in Wyoming

Formal Education Not Required

Applying for a commercial driver license (CDL) in Wyoming is a relatively simple process. However, one may find it slim pickings when it comes to training options available to assist in passing the bevy of exams required, especially the skills test.

The skills test is the most important part of the CDL process and is comprised of a pre-vehicle inspection, assessment of basic vehicle handling, and an actual on-road evaluation.

Wyoming does not require any formal training regimen between the period after obtaining a CDL permit and the scheduling of a skills test. Plus, almost all testing is conducted by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) at the various exam stations throughout the state, and the applicant must even provide the vehicle. The only exemptions are for a smattering of employers that are authorized to administer the test directly to employees.

If you have the backing of an employer who can either provide the test for you, or at least pony up a vehicle to take it in, that is one thing. But those hoping to take the test first before applying for jobs have a few more obstacles to overcome―what magical hat does one pull out an 18-wheeler for a skills test? The skills test vehicle must match the class of license being applied for; so if you are going for a Class A, you must show up for the test in a really large truck.

There are a few trucking schools in the state's more populated cities (Cheyenne and Casper) but the choices are rather limited; most likely the effects of a small population.

Online Courses

Nevertheless, if you are in search of assistance on any of the written tests there are a plethora of online businesses that offer courses and study guides with practice exams. Costs for these programs vary, but most will better your chances of earning a passing grade than home study alone. You can also study the Commercial and Heavy Vehicles Manual.

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