DMV Appointments in Wyoming

A this time, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) does not offer any online scheduling services. The only test you need to schedule an appointment for is the driving skills test when applying for a commercial driver's license (CDL). Please read the section below for more details.

For all other driver and vehicle related services at the WYDOT you must wait in line. Keep in mind not all tasks require an in-person visit to a branch office; find out which online services you can take care of from your own computer.

Scheduling a CDL Driving Skills Test

Once you have passed the required written test(s) and paid the required fee you may then ask to be scheduled for a driving skills test at a driver exam office. You can do all of this in person after taking your written test(s). You should then plan to call the driver exam office on the Wednesday afternoon of the following week to be given your appointment date. Your actual appointment date is usually about two weeks after you have asked to be scheduled and paid the required fee.

Suggested Times to Visit the WYDOT

If you must pay a visit to your WYDOT, go during low-traffic times. The following suggestions could save you time standing in line.

Shortest Wait Time

  • Before the lunch hour (usually noon)
  • During the middle of the week (Tuesday through Thursday)
  • During the middle of the month

Longest Wait Times

  • During the lunch hour (starting at noon)
  • On the first and last day of the week that the office is open (Monday and Friday for most)
  • During the first or last week of the month
  • On the day before or just following a holiday

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