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  • Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Wyoming

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    If you operate a vehicle on the roads and highways of Wyoming―whether behind the wheel of a monster truck, motorcycle, or hybrid―you will need to have a valid driver's license.

    Those new to driving or just moved to the state of must apply for a new license. Wyoming offers:

    • Class C Non-Commercial Licenses (passenger cars and pick-ups).
    • Commercial Driver Licenses.
    • Motorcycle Licenses.

    NOTE: If you are a teenager, please visit our Applying for a New License for Teens section.

    2) Take a Driver’s Education Course

    Wyoming has no driver’s ed class requirement for adults, but if you take one, they waive the road test.

    3) Prepare for the Test

    The easiest way to prepare for the written exam is to study the Wyoming driver’s handbook. Take a few practice exams and see whether you pass.

    4) Locate an Office

    The Wyoming DOT offices have no appointment requirements for the written test.

    5) Make Test-Day Preparations

    If you’re 17 and up, you can apply for a license without first entering the graduated licensing process. You’ll have to:

    • Present proof of U.S. citizenship. The state is specific about this, requiring one of the following documents:
      ―A certified birth certificate*
      ―A valid U.S. passport
      ―A consular report of birth abroad
      ―A certificate of citizenship
      ―A certificate of naturalization
    • Provide a verifiable Social Security number.
    • Provide documents proving Wyoming residency.
    • Complete any necessary application forms.
    • Pay a $20 application fee.
    • Pass a vision screening.
    • Pass a driving skills test. You must supply a vehicle fit for the road.

    The Out-of-State Swap

    If you are partial to the photo on your out-of-state license but have set up residence in the Cowboy State, you have up to one year to trade in your valid license for the Wyoming version. Once that time is up, you will need to appear in person at an exam office with:

    • The out-of-state license.
    • Evidence of your Social Security number.
    • One other form of identification from the approved list.
    • Any necessary application forms.
    • Payment for fees.

    6) Take the Written Test

    Once you’re sure you’ve know the driver’s manual thoroughly and have perhaps taken a driver’s ed class, go in and take the test.

    7) Get a Car

    Once you’ve passed the test, the first thought that crosses your mind might be, “It’s time for a car!”

    But new cars are expensive. Buying used cars is the most reasonable alternative for most of us.

    Before you make a decision, it’s smart to invest in a Vehicle History Report. The report has title information, like whether the car was flooded or salvaged. All you need is the VIN and one fee, and you get access to all the cars you’re shopping for, for one month or more.

    8) Get Car Insurance

    Now that you’ve picked out a car, the next step is to look for car insurance. Ask a few companies for quotes; the rates vary by company and by car.

    9) Take the Driving Test

    Appointments are only required for commercial tests, but you can ask if your local office makes them for the regular license, too.

    Bring an adequately insured car with you. It will also be safety inspected.

    Once You Pass

    You’ll get a temporary license.

    10) Receive Your License in the Mail

    Your license should come in the mail. If it does not, call (307) 777-4800 or contact the agency where you took your driving tests.


    If you're visiting Wyoming and have a valid driver's license from another country, you may drive for a short time within the state. However, you should also have an International Driver Permit, issued by your home country. The permit basically translates your license to make it understandable to U.S. officials.

    Have both documents with you whenever you're driving.

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