511 Traffic Systems in West Virginia

ITS and 511: What Does It All Mean?

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) gather a vast amount of traffic-related information from across the country. ITS aims to help people safely and quickly get to where they're going by letting them know about construction, accidents, and road closures.

Of course, drivers need a way to access this information, and that's where 511 comes into play. This simple, three-digit number allows drivers across the nation access this traffic-related information.

West Virginia 511

West Virginia has adopted the 511 traffic service.

The program allows drivers to check road and driving conditions related to the weather, traffic, and accidents by:

Out-of-State Traveling

Need road condition information for your travels outside the Mountain State?

Head to the Federal Highway Administration's 511 Web pages for a list of all states that use 511 and links to their official Web sites.

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