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  • Renewing Your CDL in West Virginia

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    How to Renew

    If it's time for you to renew your commercial driver's license (CDL)―good news. The process isn't as lengthy as the initial application. Once you receive your renewal notice in the mail, head out to your local DMV office and take with you your:

    • WV driver's license
    • Proof of your WV physical address
    • Renewal notice, and
    • Valid Department of Transportation long form physical.

    Note also that if you're currently employed by a city, county, state, or federal government, you are exempt from the DOT physical requirements. You must provide a letter from your employer stating that you're currently employed and exempt from the DOT physical requirements.

    If you didn't receive your renewal notice in the mail and/or you don't renew your CDL before it expires, you must complete a CDL-1 application at your local DMV office and you'll be charged $5 if your license has expired. If your CDL has been expired for 6 months or more, you will have to re-take several of the tests to re-obtain your CDL.

    HAZMAT Endorsement Renewal

    If you're seeking to keep your Hazardous Material Endorsement, you need to contact the Integrated Biometrics Technologies (IBT) Help Desk at (877) 429-7746 or visit them online at They will provide you with information about paying the fee to start the fingerprint/background check process with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting with their fingerprinting location nearest you.

    When you go to your fingerprinting appointment, take your driver's license and social security card with you. Once you receive your approval letter in the mail from TSA, take it with you to your local DMV office to retest for HAZMAT and renew your CDL.

    HAZMAT endorsement holders renewing their CDLs will be allowed 3 attempts to test and pass the HAZMAT endorsement on a valid, non-expired license. If your CDL license is expired, then you must obtain a HAZMAT test card from the CDL office in Charleston before you can test for HAZMAT.

    For information regarding adding other endorsements, changing your current class of license, or simply transferring your CDL, visit our FAQ section for commercial drivers.

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