Motorcycle Registration in West Virginia

Are you enjoying the exhilaration of driving through West Virginia's scenic roadways on your motorcycle? It's definitely an exciting experience. Though, you can't let all that fun allow you to forget that motorcycles have to go through basically the same registration and titling processes as other motor vehicles.

Registering a Motorcycle for the First Time

Registering your motorcycle for the first time is similar to registering your car for the first time. You can register and title your motorcycle for the first time in one of two ways: at the dealership from which you purchased your motorcycle, or at your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

If you purchased your motorcycle from a dealership, the dealer will handle all paperwork for you and you'll be charged the applicable fees right there.

If you purchased your motorcycle from an individual, or you simply wish to handle the registering and titling yourself, visit you local DMV office with:

Vehicles From Out of State

New residents must title and register their vehicles within 30 days of establishing West Virginia residency. Take your current title and registration to your local DMV office and they'll give you the necessary paperwork to complete.

Registration Fees

Motorcycle registration fees are the same as car registration fees; however, you will pay $16 for your motorcycle license plate rather than the $30 you would pay for a car license plate. Visit the official DMV website for a detailed outline of titling and registration fees.

After registering, you must also have your motorcycle inspected for safety.

Renewing Your Registration

Renewing your motorcycle registration is similar to renewing your car registration. You'll receive your renewal notification in the mail about 30 days before your registration expires.

Return the accompanying form, along with proof of insurance, a personal property tax receipt, and applicable fees to your local DMV office in person or in the mail. Personal property taxes are handled by the County Assessor and collected by the County Sheriff―if you need more information, contact your county courthouse.

County Sheriff's offices can also handle the renewal of your motorcycle registration.

If you don't receive a renewal notice, you may renew your registration by mailing or presenting in person to your local DMV office a copy of your old registration card, proof of insurance, a personal property tax receipt, and all applicable fees.

The fee to renew your motorcycle registration is $16.

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