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  • Identification Cards in West Virginia

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    What is a West Virginia Photo ID Card?

    Aside from the fact that it doesn't license you to operate a motor vehicle, a photo ID card is much like a driver's license in function. The ID card will include your basic information (name, address, height, weight, age, etc.) and your picture. You can also display your choice to become an organ donor on your ID card.

    Eligibility Requirements

    You must be a resident of West Virginia to get a state ID.

    West Virginia ID cards are issued to residents from 2 years old on. There is a Youth ID card from that is designed for ages 2 through 14 years old, and a regular ID Card for 15 years old and older.

    How Do You Get a West Virginia ID Card?

    Applying for a photo ID card is much like applying for your driver's license, without taking the tests. Head to your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office―the process is simple.

    Residents of West Virginia need to fill out an Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card (Form DMV-DS-23P).

    This form asks for information like your name, contact information and personal information. Then, you will need to show proof of your identity, residency, Social Security number and legal name change when it applies.

    If you're applying for the first time, or your current DMV ID card has expired, you'll need to show:

    • Proof of your identity, such as:
      • Original or certified birth certificate.
        • Your birth certificate must be issued by the United States. You can get this from the Office of Vital Statistics or the county clerk from the county of your birth.
      • Valid U.S. passport.
      • Certificate of Citizenship.
    • Proof of your Social Security number, which could include:
      • Social Security card.
      • 1099 form.
      • Original Wage and Tax Statement (W-2).
      • Proof of residency, such as:
      • Tax records.
      • Utility bills.
      • Bank statements.
    • 2 documents with your name and address to prove your West Virginia residency.
    • Proof of a legal name change if applicable; this might include:
      • Court order with name change.
      • Certified marriage certificate.
      • Certified divorce decree.

    West Virginia charges ID card fees based your age. Residents under 21 years old go by their own separate fee chart. To determine your exact fee, please refer to the Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card (Form DMV-DS-23P).

    Child Identification Card in West Virginia

    Children between the ages of 2 through 14 years old may apply for a youth photo ID card. The process varies only in that a parent or guardian must sign the Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card (Form DMV-DS-23P). The parent or guardian must also provide the child's birth certificate, Social Security card, and 2 documents of WV residency.

    The fee for a youth identification card is $5. Youth ID cards are valid for 2 years.

    Photo ID Card Renewal

    You must renew your West Virginia ID card in person by submitting your Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card (Form DMV-DS-23P) and proof of ID (see above) in person at your local DMV office. Check the application to determine your age-based fee.

    If you are out of the state at the time of renewal, you'll need to contact the DMV's licensing section at (800) 642-9066 for renewal arrangements.

    The ID card expiration date goes by a "Drive for Five" program that makes it expire every time your age is divisible by 5 years, such as 30 years old and 35 years old, for example.

    The renewal ID card is obtained by going in person to the local DMV office. You cannot renew by mail or online. To renew your ID card, you need to show the same type of documents as you would to get the ID for the first time.

    The fees to renew go by the 2nd digit of your age. For residents under 21 years old, your fees will be slightly different. To determine your fee, please refer to the chart located on your Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card(Form DMV-DS-23P).

    Replacing a West Virginia ID Card

    If you need a duplicate West Virginia ID card, simply follow the same steps and bring the same documents as if you were renewing your ID card (see above). Visit any DMV office with the required identification documents. ID card fees are based on age and are listed on the Application for a Driver's License or Photo ID Card (Form DMV-DS-23P).