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  • Drivers with Disabilities in West Virginia

    According to the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles, disabilities may impair the ability to drive or they may require special accommodations for disabled drivers. Included in this section is information on obtaining a disabled parking permit, seat belt waiver, and other driving aids for disabled drivers.

    Disabled Parking Permit

    This permit will allow you or your transporter to park legally in designated parking spaces for the disabled. To apply, complete a Parking Application for a Mobility Impaired Person (Form DMV-41-TR) and take it to your local DMV office. Or, mail it to the address on the form.

    The Parking Application for a Mobility Impaired Person (Form DMV-41-TR allows you to apply for a mobility impaired temporary parking as well. It must also be filled out, in part, by your physician. A temporary parking placard is valid for 6 months.

    If approved, you'll receive a placard to display on your rearview mirror or dashboard when you or your transporter park in a designated disabled parking spot.

    The application includes a section to be completed by your physician. In WV, your physician may suggest a disabled parking permit if you:

    • Suffer from an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that severely limits your ability to walk.
    • Can't walk without stopping to rest, or need assistance from a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or another person.
    • Use portable oxygen, or are restricted by lung disease.

    If your disability isn't long-term, you may apply for a temporary permit.

    Renewal, Replacement, and Return

    Your disabled parking permit will be valid for a maximum of 5 years and renewal will depend on what year you apply for and are issued the permit. Don't worry about marking your calendar years in advance; you'll receive a renewal notification form in the mail.

    If your disabled parking permit is lost, stolen, or severely damaged, you can apply for a new one at your local DMV office or through the mail using the above address. The application form and process are the same as applying the first time, except that the physician section doesn't need completed.

    You must return a disabled parking permit or license plate to your local DMV office if:

    • The owner of the permit is deceased
    • The owner of the permit moves out of state
    • The permit is reported lost or stolen and is recovered after a replacement has been issued
    • The permit is found in the possession of someone other than to whom it was issued

    Seat Belt Waiver

    If your disability restricts the proper and safe use of a seat belt, you can complete a seat belt waiver form.

    As with the application for a disabled parking permit, there is a section to be completed by your physician on the seat belt waiver application. He or she will need to state whether your need for a seat belt waiver is permanent or temporary. If temporary, the valid dates of your disability must be recorded.

    Once completed, your physician should return the form to you. There's no need to submit it to the DMV; simply make sure to keep it in your glove box at all times. It's a good idea to make copies of the form just in case you lose the original.

    Driving Aids for the Disabled

    Driving aids such as hand controls are available for drivers who need compensation for physical impairments. Ask your driving examiner for more information.

    Disabled License Plates

    License plates for the disabled are available for both four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. The ordering process is the same as ordering any other plate or placard. For more information regarding obtaining, transferring, or exchanging such plates, as well as fees, call (304) 558-3900.

    Traveling Out of State

    If you are traveling to another state, your West Virginia disabled parking placard will probably be honored there. However, you might want to check ahead with the state to which you plan to travel. You can contact that state's DMV, review our Drivers with Disabilities section for that state, or give your regional DMV office a call first.

    Tips to Remember

    • It's unlawful to apply for or use a disabled parking permit if you're not disabled, and doing so carries a fine.
    • You don't have to own the vehicle you're driving in order to use your disabled parking permit.
    • You must display your permit in clear view when the vehicle is parked in a designated space and remove it when you or your transporter are driving.
    • Your renewal notification is sent to the address the DMV has on record. Be sure to update your address with the DMV if you move.
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