Voter Registration in Wisconsin

You must register to vote in Wisconsin before you can vote in election. You can submit your voter registration by mail or in person.

Who is Qualified to Vote?

To register and vote in Wisconsin, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
    • You can register early as long as you will be 18 years old by or on Election Day.
  • Be a United State citizen.
  • Have lived in the area for 28 days before the election with no intent of moving.

Register By Mail

Here's what to do:

NOTE: The application must be postmarked no later than the 20th day before the election.

Register In Person

Register with your local municipal clerk by 5 p.m. (or the close of business) on the Friday before the election. Be sure to bring your Wisconsin-issued driver license. If you don't have a license, you must know either the last 4 digits of your Social Security number or ID card.

Register on Election Day

Wisconsin election laws make it easy to register to vote, and you can even register to vote at your local polling place on the day of the election if you are not already registered.

Be sure to bring proof of residency, which must include your:

  • Full name.
  • Current address.

Accepted forms of proof include:

  • A current driver's license or ID card (must be valid).
  • A real estate tax bill or receipt from this year or last year.
  • A bank statement.
  • Other approved documents.

Proof of Residency

As of April 4, 2014, anyone wishing to register to vote after this date must provide proof of residency. See above for approved form of proof. 

Out of State Voter Registration

You are eligible to register to vote by completing the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) if you are:

  • A member of the military stationed outside of Wisconsin.
  • The dependent of a member of the military stationed outside of the state.
  • A WI resident living overseas.

The FPCA serves as BOTH voter registration and a request for an absentee ballot.

Name or Address Change on Voter Registration

If you move or if you legally change your name, you are required to update your voter registration.

To do so, you will need to download and the Application for Voter Registration (Form GAB-131), and mail it back to the municipal clerk in charge of your area.

Do you need to update your driver’s license or ID card? See our pages Changing Your Name in Wisconsin and Changing Your Address in Wisconsin for more information.

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