511 Traffic Systems in Wisconsin

What is 511?

Dialing 511 lets you access instant road information. When you dial this number, you can receive road, weather and construction information for exact routes, regions or cities. Some states use 511 to even access local airport and train information.

511 in Wisconsin

While you're in Wisconsin, simply dial 511 to access all the latest traffic information, including:

  • Road closures.
  • Construction.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Traffic incidents.
  • Cameras.

If you're outside of the state, you can call (866) 511-9472 for all the latest WI traffic details.

511 in Other States

Traveling through the country? Try using 511 in one of the many states that use 511. Most states even have web-accessible info.

To use it with a phone, just dial 511 from any cell or landline phone. It's only the cost of a local call.

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