Replacing a Lost CDL in Wisconsin

Replacing a Lost CDL

You will need to go in person to your local DMV service center to have a replacement CDL issued. You will be required to show proof of your identity. Here are some of the acceptable forms of ID:

  • A driver license, including an out-of-state license expired 4 years or less, with your photograph.
  • Military discharge papers, including Form DD-214.
  • U.S. Government and Military Dependent ID Card.
  • Certified copy of a marriage certificate or judgment of divorce.
  • Social Security card.
  • Credit card with signature.
  • Forward Wisconsin ID Medical Assistance Card.
  • Wisconsin Quest card.
  • Driver education course completion certificate.
  • State-issued ID card or an out-of-state ID card expired 4 years or less, with your photograph.
  • Employee photo identification card issued by the current employer, containing the employer's name and address.
  • Student photo ID card.
  • Certified school record or transcript.

If you have an employee ID card, the DMV may need to call your employer for verification.

Take anything you have that may prove your identity, including any of the above items, plus any official type mail, such as a tag renewal mailing from the DMV or a notification for the state.

The DMV can, at its discretion, refuse some ID, so take as much as you can when you go to obtain your duplicate CDL. You must also know your Social Security number in order to be issued a duplicate CDL.

Application and Fees

You will be asked to complete a new Driver License Application form. Save yourself some time by obtaining the form online.

The fee for a duplicate CDL is $14.

Prevent Identity Theft

If you lost your wallet at the same time, of course you'll have other matters to attend to including notifying your bank, credit card companies, the video store, and any other clubs or organizations you belong to.

Ask your financial institution about what measures you'll need to take in order to avoid any financial responsibility for the use of your bank or credit cards and what you should do in order to head off any possibility of identity theft. Most financial institutions have preventive and interceptive measures in lace to help prevent these losses.

File a Police Report

If your entire wallet is missing and you suspect that it was either stolen or that it could have been found by someone, it is worthwhile to file a police report. This will protect you if your credit cards or other accounts are used or if they are attempted. It also gives you documentation to show to on officer should you be stopped while driving a CDL before you can get back to Wisconsin and replace your CDL.

Even if the only thing missing is the CDL, if you are going to be away from Wisconsin for some time, it is worthwhile to file a report; that way, you have the report to show should you be asked for your CDL by a police officer.

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