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  • Organ Donation in Wisconsin

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    Organ Donor in Wisconsin

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    Donation Facts

    Being an organ donor doesn't cost you or your family anything. Your funeral won't be delayed or altered; an open-casket ceremony is still possible. Donors receive the same level of medical care as non-donors. All major religions in the United States support organ and tissue donation.

    Registering In Person

    Register to become an organ donor when applying or renewing your driver's license or ID card by marking the "yes" box next to the organ donor option on the Wisconsin Driver License/ID Application (Form MV3001).

    Important: Place the orange "organ donor" alert sticker on the front of your document, on top of the embedded spot.

    Registering Online

    Sign up online through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. By filling out the form provided, you're confirming your choice to become an organ donor.

    DOT will mail you an orange donor dot to place on your driver's license or ID.

    Additional Information

    Visit the official Wisconsin Donor Registry site to learn more about becoming a donor.

    The DOT provides an audio explanation of organ donation; you can also read the text transcript of the audio file.

    Save Lives. Become an
    Organ Donor Today!

    Make a difference by registering to donate your eyes, tissues and organs!

    True or False

    Doctors don’t work with the same urgency to save your life if they know you’re an organ donor.

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    Every doctor's first priority is to save your life regardless of your organ donation status.

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