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    Welcome to Wisconsin, where it's the cheese, and so much more!

    Wisconsin is one of the most scenic states in America, with abundant wildlife, beautiful lakes, streams and shorelines, mountains, forests, and cosmopolitan cities, with a food culture all its own. Wisconsin is known as American's Dairyland and is home to the nation's largest beer breweries, and the county of Wausau boasts that it is the Wild Ginseng Capitol of the World.

    Wisconsin is also home to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company, the legendary Green Bay Packers, and the very first practical typewriter was invented in the Badger State in 1867.

    New to Wisconsin?

    Welcome, we know you're going to love it here.

    Soon after you finish unpacking, you will need to obtain a Wisconsin driver's license and register your vehicle. No need to seek out separate agencies to take care of these things; in Wisconsin, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will take care of any of your motor vehicle needs at office locations across the state. You can sign up to be an organ donor when you apply for your new license, too.

    Motor Vehicle Registration

    Car registration needs to be taken care of a bit sooner than your driver's license; you must register and have Wisconsin plates on your car within 2 days of your arrival here. We have a special section dedicated solely to Wisconsin license plates, including a link to find out about how to get temporary plates until your own arrive.

    Your Local DMV Service Center

    The Wisconsin DMV does not schedule appointments, but fortunately there are a number of local DMV service centers to serve you.

    A Wealth of Information from Your Friends at

    Our Wisconsin team here at has put together all of the information you'll need once you get settled and are ready to take care of business. We have it all, from links to the Wisconsin Motorists' Manual, handling a title transfer if you sell, trade, or donate a car or motorcycle, everything a new commercial driver needs to know, and so much more.

    The Links You'll Need