Lost Traffic Ticket in Wisconsin

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Wisconsin Traffic Ticket Information

If you lost your WI traffic ticket, you'll need to contact the appropriate Municipal or Circuit Court for specific details. To get lost ticket information in Wisconsin, be sure to ask about your ticket fines, payment deadlines, court date (if applicable), and acceptable payment methods.

Keep reading this page to learn about lost traffic tickets in Wisconsin.

Determine Where You Got Your WI Traffic Ticket

You will need to contact the WI traffic court that was listed on your lost ticket. In Wisconsin, this will either be a Municipal or a Circuit Court.

If you don't recall the court, you'll need to place where you committed your traffic violations to find tickets. This will give you a basis on which traffic court to call.

Don't delay, however. All Wisconsin traffic citations require a plea response before or on the ticket's appearance date. Suspension of driving privileges in Wisconsin and an arrest warrant are just a few penalties you will face. Neither the court nor the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will accept "I lost my traffic ticket" as a valid excuse.

NOTE: This page covers how to find lost traffic tickets for traffic violations only (including moving violations resulting in red light tickets, speeding tickets, etc.). If you're looking for a lost parking ticket, you're going to need to contact the parking enforcement agency in the city where you received it.

Call the Wisconsin Traffic Court

To get information about your lost ticket, call the court—either Municipal or Circuit. If the Municipal Court has no record of your traffic citation, call the Circuit Court. Or vice versa. Again, if you're still unsure, the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may be able to help you locate the appropriate traffic court.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your WI Ticket

As soon as you have details about your lost traffic ticket, decide on your plea. In Wisconsin, you have three options for submitting a traffic ticket plea:

  • Guilty―Requires paying the traffic ticket fine posted on the traffic citation.
  • No contest―This too requires paying the traffic ticket fine listed on the traffic citation.
  • Not guilty―This means you've accepted your right to a trial, with the intent of having the charges reduced or the traffic violation dismissed.

Remember, move fast. The Wisconsin traffic court must have your plea decision before the appearance date on your traffic citation expires. If you plan to hire a traffic ticket attorney, you'll need to get in contact as soon as possible.

Pay Traffic Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

  • Pay the traffic ticket fine.
  • Option to plea bargain penalties.
  • Incur points on your driving record (could lead to license suspension/revocation).
  • Possibly incur increase on auto insurance rates.
  • Possibly have points reduced by attending traffic school.

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Fight Traffic Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Contest traffic ticket via trial.
  • Choose to represent yourself or hire a traffic ticket attorney.
  • Possibly lose option to plea bargain for lesser penalties.
  • No penalties if found not guilty, but must pay court/attorney fees.

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