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  • Change of Address in Wisconsin

    The Need to Notify

    Change is part of life―whether it's where you live, what you do for a living, or what kind of car you drive.

    If you move in Wisconsin, you need to notify the Department of Transportation (DOT) within 10 days. It only takes a few minutes, and letting the DOT know where to send license and registration info will, in the long run, make renewing each a lot easier down the road.

    How to Submit an Address Change

    If you have a Wisconsin driver's license or identification card, you can submit your address change:

    • By phone: Call (608) 266-2353. Make sure you have you driver's license number or the number from your state-issued ID card.
    • By e-mail: Make sure to include your driver's license number and a brief explanation for your e-mail. Note that while the state will accept e-mailed address changes, they advise against it for privacy reasons. So, be aware.
    • Online: To change online have your driver's license or Wisconsin ID number and Social Security number.
    • By mail: Mail your request (including your driver's license number) to:
      • Department of Transportation
        Division of Motor Vehicles
        P.O. Box 7917
        Madison, WI 53707

    This will update your records with the Wisconsin DMV but you will not receive an updated driver's license or ID. If you do want your new address reflected on your driver's license, you'll need to visit a DMV service center; they'll issue you a duplicate. For more information on getting a replacement driver's license, see our Replacing a Lost License in Wisconsin page.

    It's a little more labor intensive if you hold a commercial driver license; you'll actually have to visit a Wisconsin DMV office in person, with your Social Security card, and pay a $14 fee for a replacement license.

    Motor Vehicle Registration Address Change

    The DOT does not have capabilities at this time to take address changes from the public, but does advise that you change your address with the Postal Service. 6 times a year, the DOT obtains address updates from the Postal Service database and will make the address updates for motor vehicle registrations at that time.

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