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  • What You Need For A Commercial Insurance Quote

    What You Need For A Commercial Insurance Quote

    Commercial vehicle insurance is for businesses that employ a driver or number of drivers, in addition to independent CDL drivers. In order to obtain a commercial insurance quote, be prepared to provide the following information and official documents:

    • Driver license numbers for all drivers.
    • Driving histories for all drivers.
    • Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) for all vehicles.
    • Your current auto insurance policy declarations page.

    You can obtain a commercial insurance quote even without this information, but the more information you are able to provide, the more accurate your commercial car insurance quote will be.

    Driver License Numbers and Histories

    Providing the insurance company with your employees’ driver license numbers allows them to access the official driving records for all employees, which in turn allows them to determine risk of covering such drivers. Many companies offer a discounted rate for drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a clean driving record.

    VIN and Vehicle Information

    A vehicle’s VIN indicates the vehicle’s make and model. You can significantly lower your commercial insurance premium by choosing a vehicle―or vehicles―with a superior safety rating.

    In addition, be sure to inform the insurance company of any safety features not typical of the vehicle’s make and model, such as added airbags or anti-theft devices.

    Insurance Declarations Page

    Your current auto insurance declarations page―either from a commercial insurance policy or from a personal policy―will help to determine your commercial car insurance needs.

    Even if you have never carried a commercial insurance policy before, providing a personal insurance declarations page indicates that you have maintained consistent coverage, which in turn can decrease your commercial auto insurance premium.

    Missing Information

    If you do not have:

    • A declarations page, you can provide the contact information for your current insurance company.
    • The drivers license numbers of all drivers, you can provide a brief history for each driver, including any known auto accidents or traffic violations.
    • The VIN, a description of the vehicle’s make and model will suffice.

    Once again, the more information you are able to provide, the more accurate an insurance quote you will receive.

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