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  • Pay Traffic Ticket in Washington DC

    Know Your Options

    Pay Ticket
    (Plead Guilty or No Contest)

    Fight Ticket
    (Plead Not Guilty)

    • Enter a not guilty plea.
    • Prepare for your hearing, possibly with help from a traffic ticket attorney.
    • Suffer no penalties if found not guilty (except applicable court/attorney fees).
    • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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    Fighting your Traffic Ticket »

    What it Means to Pay Your DC Traffic Ticket

    Paying your DC traffic ticket means admitting guilt.

    Choosing this option also means you:

    • Can pay your ticket fine online or by mail and avoid a trip to the Adjudication Services Office.
    • Could face license suspension or revocation, depending on the violation.
    • Might enroll in an approved traffic school to reduce reduce the points associated with the ticket.
    • Could see an increase in auto insurance rates.

    Note that if:

    • You’re in the middle of the GRAD Program, accumulating driving record points will prevent you from moving on to the next license on time.
    • You’re charged with DUI or DWI, you’ll pay more than just the traffic ticket fine.

    Pay On Time!

    You have 30 calendar days from the date you receive the ticket to pay your fine. Day One is the day after you receive the ticket.

    NOTE: Calendar days include weekends and holidays.

    Once this time passes, you must pay a penalty fee equal to the amount of the original traffic ticket fine.

    If you leaver your ticket unpaid for too long, it becomes delinquent. At this point, you’re still responsible for the traffic ticket fine and all accrued penalties, and:

    See below for information on how to quickly pay your fine, or set up a payment plan.

    Plead Guilty as a DC CDL Driver

    The process to plead guilty and pay is the same for CDL drivers; however, truckers also must remember:

    • To notify their employers within 30 days of a violation.
    • Pleading guilty―admitting to a violation―could seriously affect their driving careers (depending on the violation).

    Learn more at Ticket Fines and Penalties.

    Plead Not Guilty

    Just because it’s more convenient for some drivers, you don’t have to plead guilty. DC gives drivers the option to contest their tickets and possibly walk away with a not guilty verdict.

    Head over to Fighting Your Traffic Ticket for more information.

    Pay Your Washington DC Traffic Ticket Online

    The DC DMV provides the Online Ticket Payment system for drivers who want to pay their minor traffic ticket, parking ticket, or photo enforcement violation fines online.

    You must have your ticket number to use the online payment service; if you don’t, or you’ve misplaced your ticket, refer to Lost DC Traffic Ticket for more information.

    Keep reading for additional ways to pay your traffic ticket fine.

    Additional Traffic Ticket Payment Options

    Don’t want to pay online? DC allows drivers to pay by mail, in person, or over the telephone, too.

    By Mail

    You’ll need:

    • A check or money order made payable to the “DC Treasurer.” Remember to write the ticket number on the check or money order.
    • The ticket. If you don’t have it, you can write your state and tag number on the check or money order.

    Mail it to:

    DMV Adjudication Services
    P.O. Box 2014
    Washington, DC 20013

    In Person

    Visit the Adjudication Services Office. Be sure to bring your ticket; otherwise, you’ll need to show identification and obtain a printout of the ticket before you can pay.

    Payment methods include cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.

    Note that:

    • DC accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover―but not American Express.
    • You must present identification if you pay with anything other than cash.
    • You can’t pay with a check if your vehicle has a boot or has been towed.

    By Phone

    Call (866) 896-5023 and have your ticket as well as a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card handy.

    Traffic Ticket Payment Plans

    Can’t pay your traffic ticket fine all at once? You might be eligible for a traffic ticket payment plan.

    Get Points Removed from Your Driving Record

    DC assigns points for each traffic violation, and you can lose your driving privileges if you accumulate too many points.

    Fortunately, the DMV offers a way to remove violation-related points from your record. Refer to DC Point Reduction for more information.

    Check Your Driving Record

    Keeping an eye on your driving record helps you make sure your record reflects only the number of points it should.

    For example, if you pled guilty, you should only get the number of points associated with your violation. Likewise, if you completed traffic school for point reduction, the DMV should remove those points.

    Find out how to get a copy of your driving record at DC Driving Records.

    Instant Washington DC Driving Record

    Check for tickets, violations, and confirm your drivers license status with a instant self-check driving record. Each record may include suspensions, points, classifications, vital data, endorsements, expiration and driving status.

    License Number: DC

    Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

    Most auto insurance providers increase coverage rates one their policyholders commit traffic violations.

    Fortunately, some car insurance companies offer discounts for using the same traffic school option DC provides for point reduction.

    Check with your agent before enrolling in traffic school for an insurance discount. If you find out it’s not an option for you, consider comparing insurance quotes online now to find a more affordable policy.

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