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    DC Custom Built Car Registration

    In the District of Columbia, custom-built cars must be registered, pass inspection, and be insured just like any other motor vehicle.

    When you are ready to get your custom-built car on the public roads, you'll first need to apply to the DMV for a vehicle identification number (VIN).

    Prior to registering your custom-built car , it will have to pass a safety and emissions inspection. Your custom-built car must have current tags from DC or from another jurisdiction before going through the inspection process.

    When you go to have your custom-built car inspected for the first time, you'll have to get a temporary tag for 45 days from a DMV service location. You'll have to bring the custom-built car's title in your name (or correctly reassigned to you), proof of insurance, and payment for the fee.

    Historic cars (as opposed to custom cars or replicas) need only be inspected the first time they are registered. After they pass this initial safety and emissions inspection, they do not need to be inspected again.

    After you have gotten a valid tag, you can take the custom-built car through inspection. You don't pay the for inspection now―you'll take care of that when you register the vehicle.

    When your custom-built car has passed inspection, you can apply for registration at a DMV service location. Bring along the required documents proving the following:

    • Registrant's DC driver's license or permit
    • Vehicle ownership
    • Vehicle value (determined, most likely, by adding up the cost for all the components)
    • Vehicle mileage
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Vehicle inspection

    Also be prepared to pay the required registration and inspection fees.

    In the District, you will also have to pay any outstanding tickets, dishonored check fees, and even delinquent child support payments before you will be allowed to register your custom-built car.

    All of the procedures and required documentation to renew your custom-built car's registration online, through the mail, or in person are the same as those required for any car.

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