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  • Change of Address in Washington DC

    DC Change of Address

    It's important to keep your address at the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles up to date whenever you relocate. You must do this within 5 days of moving. You can change your address either online, by mail, or in person at your local Washington, D.C. DMV office.

    If changing your address in person, you will need:

    If changing your address by mail, mail your proof of your residency to:

    DC DMV
    Attn: Change of Address
    P.O. Box 90120
    Washington, DC 20090

    Changing Your Name

    Whenever you change your name, you'll first have to notify the Social Security Administration. The SSA will issue you a fresh Social Security card with your new name on it (but with the original number).

    Once you have done that, bring the following original documents to a DMV service location:

    • Your current driver's license or ID card
    • Updated Social Security card

    Also bring one of the following:

    • Divorce decree
    • Certified marriage certificate
    • Official U.S. court name change order
    • Green card
    • Birth certificate (for a name correction)
    • Passport (for a name correction)
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