511 Traffic Systems in Washington

WA 511 Traffic Systems
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What is 511?

America's Traveler Information Number, 511, is up and working in Washington. With this free number you can access up-to-the-minute scoops on road conditions, weather conditions, road construction and detours, mountain pass conditions, ferry information, 800 numbers for airlines and trains, and even access to Oregon's 511 system.

How 511 Works

To use the service, dial 511 from any cell or landline phone. The beauty of 511 is that it's driver-friendly. Most of the information can be verbally accessed from an audibly provided menu. If you want road information, for example, you say "traffic." You'll then be asked to utter the route number for which you want exact information on.

Web 511

Washington State also offers 511 on the web. Here you can view traffic maps, see a list and map of projects, and get all kinds of extra information. For example, there's a whole section on environmental concerns, and lots of maps and data.

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