Motorcycle Registration in Washington

To register a motorcycle with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), riders must visit a Vehicle Licensing Office. Titling and registration of motorcycles in Washington is handled the same way as car registration.

Washington riders must register their motorcycles within 30 days of becoming a resident of the state. The following acts qualify you for Washington residency:

  • Registration to vote
  • Receiving state benefits
  • Application for any Washington license
  • In-state tuition payment

Failure to register a vehicle in Washington, including a motorcycle, could result in a hefty fine.

To register your motorcycle, you must have the following when applying at a Vehicle Licensing Office:

  • Manufacturer's Statement or Certificate of Origin, if a new motorcycle
  • Current title and registration, if a used motorcycle
  • Copy of title being held by lienholder, if there is a lien on the motorcycle
  • Proper identification, including your driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement
  • Motorcycle's odometer reading
  • Check or cash for payment of fees and taxes

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