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    WA Motorcycle Manual

    So you've decided that you want to brave Washington's open roads on a motorcycle. Whether it's for fun, or as an affordable type of fuel-efficient transportation, you can benefit from the Department of Licensing's
    Motorcycle Operator Manual. An accident on a motorcycle can be far more damaging and dangerous than one in a car or truck, so it's critical that you study the manual thoroughly to learn proper safety techniques for the roadways.

    The Washington Motorcycle Operator Manual covers everything you need to know to pass the written motorcycle license exam. But more than that, the information included here will help you get into the good habits specific to motorcycles―which are, after all, completely different to drive from cars. Here are some of the topics you'll find inside the manual:

    • Washington Motorcycle Safety Program
    • Wear the right gear
    • Know your motorcycle
    • Know your responsibilities
    • Basic vehicle control
    • Keeping your distance
    • SIPDE (scan, identify, predict, decide, execute)
    • Intersections
    • Increasing conspicuity
    • Collision avoidance
    • Handling dangerous surfaces
    • Mechanical problems
    • Animals
    • Flying objects
    • Getting off the road
    • Carrying passengers and cargo
    • Group riding
    • Being in shape to ride: alcohol and drugs
    • Earning your license: knowledge and skills tests

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