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    Washington's Driver Manuals and Handbooks

    WA Manuals

    Washington's Department of Licensing publishes a number of driver manuals and handbooks to help new motorists learn the rules of the road (and to help experienced drivers brush up on their knowledge). You can pick these manuals up at your local Department of Licensing office, or you can download them here for free.

    The manuals available online are in PDF format, so be sure that you have the free Adobe Reader software on your computer.

    Publications include the Motorcycle Operator Manual and Commercial Driver Guide. But the most popular manual, of course, is the one that helps Washington residents get their regular driver's license.

    If you're just getting ready to apply for a driver's license, it's critical that you study the
    Washington Driver Guide. It provides rules, guidelines, and requirements concerning your driving privileges in Washington, as well as the rules of the road, safe driving techniques, insurance requirements, and much more.

    The Department of Licensing also offers driver guides in several foreign languages:

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