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  • License Plates & Placards in Washington

    Washington License Plates & Placards

    Washington's Department of Licensing (DOL) provides a variety of license plate styles for vehicles registered in the state. In addition to personalized plates, Washington's motorists can choose from a variety of special plates that promote a range of interests including the state's universities, members of the military, landmarks, wildlife, and more.

    For those with disabilities that impair their mobility, Washington can also issue disability license plates or placards that allow you to park closer to building entrances, among other parking privileges.

    Washington requires owners of registered vehicles to get new license plates every 7 years. For $20, the state does allow you to keep the same license plate number. You may also transfer the plates to a new vehicle when you sell the old one, as long as the vehicles are the same class.

    Surrendering Your Plates in Washington

    The Washington Department of License typically does not require you to return surrender your license plates after moving to another state or selling your vehicle.

    If you've sold your vehicle and you want to keep you plates, you can transfer them to a new vehicle in your name.

    Special Plates

    The state offers a range of special plates, including:

    • Washington colleges and universities
    • U.S. military
    • Parks and environment
    • Sports and hobbies
    • Service organizations and associations

    Most of Washington's special plates cost $45 initially. A portion of the price goes to the organization or cause featured on the plate.

    Personalized Plates

    Personalized plates, also known as vanity plates, can be issued for most vehicles in Washington. They must have between 1 and 7 characters, including letters, hyphens, and spaces. Personalized motorcycle and trailer plates can have up to 6 characters. The Washington DOL provides a handy personalized plate search tool online so you can check to see if your choice is available.

    Personalized plates in Washington support the state's Wildlife Diversity Program. Fees will vary.

    How to Apply

    For both special plates and personalized plates, you can find specific application instructions, forms, and fees on the Web page of the plate you're interested in. You may submit your application by mail or in person to a Vehicle Licensing Office.

    Antique Plates

    Washington offers two types of plates specifically for older vehicles.

    Horseless carriage plates are for vehicles that are at least 40 years old. While the vehicle must be capable of being driven on a highway, it must primarily be used for antique exhibitions, parades, and related activities.

    The plate must stay with the vehicle, and cannot be used for other vehicles.

    Collector plates are for vehicles at least 30 years old that fit the other qualifications for a horseless carriage plate.

    To apply for either plate, complete the special license plate form, and take it along with your payment to a vehicle licensing office. Or, mail everything to:

    • Vehicle Licensing
    • Department of Licensing
    • PO Box 9909
    • Olympia, WA 98507

    The plates are permanent and don't need to be renewed.

    Horseless carriage plates for cars and trucks: $50.75

    Collector plate for cars and trucks: $51.75

    Restored Plates

    If your vehicle qualifies as a collector or horseless carriage vehicle, you may apply to use the vehicle's original model year plates. The plates must be Washington-issued and in a usable condition. Only one plate is required.

    You may transfer the plates to another vehicle of the same model year.

    It costs $50.75 to use the plates for cars and trucks, plus the usual registration fees. However, the plates are permanent and don't need to be renewed. To apply for permission to use the plates, follow the in-person instructions listed above and bring the plate(s) with you.

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