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  • Change of Address in Washington

    Before You Begin

    Before you start the process to change your address on your Washington driver's license, note that you must do so within 10 days of moving, and the process you'll follow depends on what kind of license you have.

    Enhanced Driver License

    To change your address on your Washington Enhanced Driver License (EDL) take your current EDL, proof of residence, and payment for the fee to your nearest EDL/ID office location.

    You can also update your address online. You can either update your records, free of charge, or order an updated EDL.

    Regular Driver License

    When you change your address on your regular driver's license, you can choose to only notify the Department of Licensing so your records can be updates, or you can get a new license showing your updated address.

    Notification Only

    Fill out a Driver License Change of Address (Form DLE-520-039) and mail it to:

    Driver Records
    Department of Licensing
    P.O. Box 9030
    Olympia, WA 98507

    You can also change your address by visiting a Washington DOL office in person, or by using the online system.

    This process is free. As a bonus, you can update the address on your voter registration records at the same time.

    You will not be issued a new license. Instead, you can simply write your new address on the back of your driver's license or ID. You can do this with your car's registration as well.

    Notification with a New License

    If you want a new license with your new address on it, you'll have to apply for a duplicate driver's license. See our Replacing a Lost License in Washington page.

    Vehicle Registration

    You can change your address on your vehicle registration either:

    If you need to change your address on your boat registration, you must do so in person. You cannot update your address online.

    Your address will be updated on WA DOL records only. If you would like an updated registration or title, you must request one in person and pay the appropriate fee. For more information, visit the Washington DOL website.

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