Bill of Sale Requirements in Washington

The Basics

If you are buying or selling a vehicle in Washington, the state's Department of Licensing (DOL) requires you to complete a Vehicle Report of Sale (Form TD-420-062), a form that is similar to a bill of sale.

If you don't want to print out the form and complete it, you can fill out the form online. The report is required for any Washington-titled vehicle owner who sells or otherwise transfers their interest in the vehicle. This is true even if it's a gift, trade, dealer trade-in, or vehicle disposal situation.

Reporting a Sale

A Vehicle Report of Sale (Form TD-420-062) states in writing that the vehicle has been sold, traded, given, donated, auctioned, sold, or otherwise transferred. The document is intended to protect the vehicle's seller from liability associated with the vehicle or its operation after it has been transferred.

While you can complete and submit a Report of Sale at your local Vehicle Licensing Office within 5 business days of the sale, it's much easier and quicker to file the report online. This might be preferable not only to avoid the trip, but also to save the service fee you'd pay to file in person. Filing online is free.

The Vehicle Report of Sale (Form TD-420-062) for Washington must include the following information:

  • Date of the transfer or sale
  • Seller's name and address
  • Buyer's name and address
  • Description of the vehicle
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number

Whether you are submitting the report in person or online, you will get a receipt. If the sale falls through, you must go in person to a Vehicle Licensing Office to cancel the report. Correction or deletion of a Vehicle Report of Sale cannot be done online.

Note that a Vehicle Report of Sale is not the same as a bill of sale. While a Vehicle Report of Sale releases the seller from liability for the vehicle, a bill of sale will actually state the sale price. This document could be used to calculate the use tax for the new owner.

Generic Bill of Sale

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