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    Vermont Traffic Tickets

    In Vermont, receiving a traffic ticket doesn't just mean paying a fine and being done with it. It's likely that you will also have points added to your driving record (which could result in a driver's license suspension), see an increase in your car insurance rates, and even have to appear in court.

    About Your Traffic Ticket in Vermont

    Should you have questions about a ticket you received, call the Vermont Traffic Bureau at (802) 295-8869 or send a letter to:

    Vermont Traffic Bureau
    P.O. Box 607
    White River Junction, VT 05001

    Do not, however, contact the bureau for legal advice. Instead, you should consult an attorney regarding all legal matters.

    Pay Your VT Traffic Ticket

    If you wish to plead guilty to your traffic violation and simply pay the fine, you can do so online. Just visit the Vermont courts website and complete the payment using your MasterCard, VISA, or Discover card.

    Traffic Violations

    There are a number of reasons why you could be hit with a traffic ticket in Vermont, including:

    • Speeding.
    • Running a red light or stop sign.
    • Dangerous or reckless driving.
    • Failing to give way.
    • Ignoring road signs.

    For more information about the various violations and the associated driving record points, visit the VT DMV website.

    Vermont Driving Record Points

    All driving violations shoulder short-term and long-term ramifications. Besides the immediate ouch upon your wallet, these infractions can also cause you to lose your Vermont driver's license.

    Every moving violation adds points, up to 10 points in some cases, to your driving record. If you accrue 10 points or more during a span of 2 years, your driver's license will be suspended.

    You can find a complete list of violations and points in the Vermont Statutes. It's important to note, even though these points only carry a shelf life of 2 years, the violation will always remain on your record.

    For more information, visit our following pages:

    Car Insurance and Traffic Tickets

    A traffic ticket's financial repercussions can be severe, depending on the gravity of your blunder. On top of the fine for the ticket itself, all moving violations automatically get reported to insurance companies.

    A ticket for illegal parking will not really hurt you financially, but get nabbed driving over 60 MPH on a public highway and it will cause a significant leap in your insurance premiums. Regardless of how safely you drive over the next few years, you will be forever red-flagged as a risky driver by the insurance industry.

    In some cases, your insurance agent may accept completion of a defensive driving course to avoid an insurance rate hike. Contact your agent directly before you enroll in a course to make sure you are eligible. For more information, see our Defensive Driving in Vermont page.