Motorcycle Registration in Vermont

Vermont's Department of Motor Vehicles requires every resident to annually register his or her motorcycle with the main DMV office in Montpelier.

First-time Registration

When registering your bike for the first time, regardless if it was purchased in or out of state, you must first completely fill out a Vermont Registration, Tax and Title Application. Upon first glance the application looks daunting. To ease you through it, the state conveniently provides a five-page manual explaining each application line in step-by-step detail. If the manual doesn't answer all of your questions, you can contact the main DMV office at (802) 828-2000.

Once completed, you then must either drop off or mail the application to the main DMV office along with the appropriate registration fee (see below). The processing of your registration will take about three weeks.

Annual Renewal

The DMV will mail you a renewal application about three weeks before your current registration is set to expire. You then must complete the application and return it the to main DMV office in Montpelier with the indicated renewal fee. If you opt to mail it in, you should receive your updated registration certificate and license decals in about two weeks.

If you do not receive a renewal form in the mail, you then must fill out a Vermont Registration, Tax and Title Application and return it to the main DMV office along with the appropriate renewal fee.

You can also renew online through Vermont's new DMV Express service. It takes only a matter of minutes to complete, and it allows you to pay your renewal fee instantly with a credit card. You'll then receive your updated renewal certificate and license decals in approximately one week. To get an idea of the amount you will owe, please refer to this list of registration fees.

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