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  • Driver Handbook in Vermont

    Vermont's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has authored several rules-of-the-road manuals intended to get you behind the wheel. All can be downloaded in PDF format in a matter of seconds. Or if you prefer the more traditional approach of picking one up in person, you can find any of these manuals as well as a host of driving-related forms and applications at any of the state's DMV locations.

    Driver License Manual

    The Driver's Manual is the closest thing to a private tutor for new drivers preparing for their exams, especially the written portion. Meticulously detailed information on registering, titling, the dangers of drinking and driving, road signs, car insurance, accident procedures, and more is contained in this hefty tome.

    In addition to downloading the PDF format of the manual, you can also download WMA and MP3 audio formats. (Note that you must play the audio formats using Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

    The DMV also offers a Driver's Manual in Vietnamese as well.

    This manual is imperative for first-time drivers. All of the questions on the written portion of your license exam are derived from information contained in this manual.

    Commercial Driver License Manual

    The DMV understands that big vehicles require big manuals. Its Commercial Driver License (CDL) manual offers many pages of knowledge. The topics include air brakes, pretrip inspections, transporting hazardous materials, the dangers of driving without proper rest, parking, combination vehicles, and preparing for the skills exam.

    This text is essential reading for any prospective commercial driver. All the questions on the written portion of the CDL exam are directly based on information from this manual.

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