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  • Driver Handbook in Vermont

    SUMMARY: Vermont Driver Handbooks

    In Vermont, you can find various resources to help you become a safe driver, including the VT driver's manual, CDL manual, and motorcycle manual. For specific details about Vermont traffic and vehicle laws, you can view the Vehicle Code online.

    Continue reading this page to access the driving publications offered by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    Vermont Driver's Manual

    When you apply for a VT driver's license, you'll need to pass the written DMV test. To prepare, you can study the Vermont Driver's Manual (Form VN007). The manual is also offered in Spanish and audio format.

    You'll learn about all the following topics:

    • Local traffic laws in Vermont.
    • Applying for a VT driver's license.
    • Registering and titling your vehicle.
    • The dangers of drinking and driving.
    • How to read and follow traffic signs.
    • Car insurance.
    • What to do in the event of an accident.
    Pass the Written Test with Ease.

    If you want to pass the written test, you'll need to do some preparation. Studying the Driver Manual is an excellent suggestion, but we also suggest preparing with an online practice test from our state-approved partner.

    Commercial Driver's License Manual

    Before you apply for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Vermont, you'll need to prepare for the DMV CDL written exam by studying the Vermont CDL Manual.

    If you will be operating a school bus, you will need to read the School Bus Manual (Form TA-VN-03).

    NOTE: To obtain the CDL manual and school bus manual in CD format, please call the Vermont Assistive Technology Program at (800) 750-6355.

    Additional resources for commercial drivers can be found on the Vermont DMV website.

    What's in the Vermont CDL Manual?

    • How to apply for a VT CDL.
    • Basic driver safety.
    • Using air-brakes.
    • Pre-trip inspections.
    • Transporting hazardous materials.
    • The dangers of driving without proper rest.
    • Parking rules.
    • Combination vehicles.
    • Preparing for the skills exam.

    Also included in the Vermont CDL manual are study questions that may appear on your CDL written exam. For additional preparation, take an online CDL practice test.

    Motorcycle Manual in Vermont

    Before applying for your Vermont motorcycle license, you'll need to study the Vermont Motorcycle Manual (Form TA-VN-07a). Topics include:

    • How to obtain your motorcycle license in Vermont.
    • What to expect when taking your motorcycle skills test.
    • Using proper hand signals.
    • Wearing appropriate eye and face protection.
    • Carrying passengers and cargo.
    • How to avoid a motorcycle collision.
    • Riding in a group safely.
    • Mechanical problems.

    The motorcycle manual also includes a sample knowledge test for additional preparation before taking the DMV written test. You may also find it helpful to take an online VT motorcycle practice test.

    Other VT Driver Manuals

    The Vermont DMV also provides a variety of other manuals, including:

    • The Graduated Driver License - A Parent's Guide (Form VN025).
    • Manuals for off-road vehicles (snowmobiles, boats, and all-terrain vehicles).
    • Dealer and inspections manuals (dealer guide, inspection manual, etc.).

    Vehicle Code in Vermont

    The Vermont Motor Vehicle Code contains all the laws related to motor vehicles, including:

    • Driver's licensing.
    • Vehicle registration and titling.
    • Traffic violations.
    • Gas and diesel fuel tax.
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