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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Vermont

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    VT Custom Built Car Registration

    Before pursuing a custom-built car registration, make sure your vehicle fits Vermont's definition of such a vehicle. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a custom-built car falls under the following categories:

    Street rod: A vehicle manufactured prior to 1949 that meets all safe driving standards, or a replica of such a vehicle.

    Kit car: Any commercially manufactured vehicle that sports a body or frame that resembles a current model, or a derivative of a current model, but with its own unique design qualities.


    To register, you must complete a Vermont Registration, Tax, and Title Application (Form TA-VD-119). Be sure to download the accompanying instructions. This manual is vitally important. Not only will it explain which lines need to be completed, but it will also list which accompanying forms, if applicable, must also be submitted. This is paramount because any missing information will stall your registration and titling process.

    Providing all papers are properly completed, it will take about three weeks for you to receive your title and registration in the mail. The process could take longer if you request special plates. If so, the state will issue you a temporary registration for 60 days.

    Registration Fees

    • 1 year, gas-powered: $70.
      • 1 year, alternative-fuel-powered: $122.
      • 2 years, gas-powered: $129.
      • 2 years, alternative-fuel-powered: $225.
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